Casting call: city letter carriers, retail clerks needed for USPS ad campaign

From USPS News Link:

Casting callThe Postal Service is seeking city letter carriers and retail clerks to participate in a commercial that will be part of a summer advertising campaign.

The commercial will be similar to the recent “Priority: You” spot, which showcased employees as the organization’s foundation.

This sentiment will also be part of the new ad, along with a message about how the Postal Service is constantly innovating and improving.

All city letter carriers and retail clerks are welcome to audition, and no prior acting experience is required. Here’s how to apply:

  • Create a video of yourself, with your name, job description, how long you’ve been with the Postal Service, and why you want to be in the new commercial. Your video doesn’t need to be professional, but make sure you can be clearly seen and heard.
  • Upload your video, and complete the online form with some important information to help the Postal Service learn more about you.
  • Hit “Submit” to make sure your video is reviewed.

Submissions are due by Tuesday, July 1, at 12 p.m. EDT. Applicants must receive approval from their managers prior to selection and production of the commercials.


  • Wake up

    So sad that some little brown noser mgt sympathizers will jump at the opportunity despite the fact that the postal service wants to destroy their job and benefits

  • Staplehead

    How come they don’t get Staples employees to do the commercial?

  • Future is now

    Hey. Get on the air and get a SAG membership. A great
    Chance & opportunity.

  • joe

    I personally think it would be cool to be in a nationally televised commercial. This has nothing to do with brown nosing management. you`re such a negative douche bag.