NALC: Saturday mail delivery “on the chopping block” in Congress this week

The National Association of Letter Carriers is telling its members that Saturday mail delivery is “on the chopping block” in Congress this week as the House of Representatives considers an appropriations bill that, for the first time in over thirty years, does not mandate six day delivery:

Last week, the House Financial Services and General Government Appropriations subcommittee introduced its appropriations bill. For the first time since 1983, the longstanding language mandating the Postal Service to deliver six days a week is not part of the underlying bill.

The ranking member on the committee, Rep. José Serrano (D-NY), is planning to offer an amendment to restore this vital provision. This coming Wednesday, June 25, at 10 am, the full Appropriations Committee will “mark up” the measure—that is, it will consider and debate amendments to the bill.

Read more: Urge your House representative to support the Serrano amendmentto save Saturday delivery.

  • The Truth

    Same old doom and gloom. Thirty four years as a carrier and nothing ever changes. Twenty of those years under a Republican and I am still ok, but have heard for years thery are going to take away my pay, retirement, social security, blah blah blah. We need some new leadership in DC for the NALC, not the country. Time for Rolando to go and stop his childish scare tatics.

  • jsil06

    Lazy i want to see you walk 8 to 10 miles 6days a week and tell me if carriers are lazy

  • Gloria

    You are so right! NALC should be ashamed of themselves.

  • jim

    its time to eliminate saturday delivery

  • Mailmam

    @disqus_1xC5MD5f3D:disqus, I so agree with you I also have 34 years and the gossip is repetitious. I think our group has seen more changes than any other With every change we were told this is it the PO is done. We are still here and whatever happens will be fine It always works out “Oh but not this time” Yup even this time Great post The Truth!

  • Liam Skye

    With 34 years as a carrier you should be CSRS and Social Security would not usually apply to you. Did you have a breech of service or take the option to switch to FERS when it was offered?

  • Ryan wnorowski

    Why doesn’t the NALC ask the people they are supposed to represent how we feel on this topic? Think they are afraid of the answer they would get

  • Raleigh01

    Aww jsil06 dont worry about mail balls they are welfare and hate there life ,there check is direct deposit so they dont care you see the same people on every blog site bitching about something . There happy as long they can get there free check .

  • Blythe

    The Truth is telling the truth! Everything will be fine and Ronaldo should stop trying to make trouble! I wish we had someone like that nice Cliff Guffey running the NALC- then everything would be peaceful!

  • Blythe

    I agree with you Mailmam! It is so annoying with all of these rumors and gossip! We should just do our jobs and everything will be hunky dorey! We would probably be better off with no union at all! Management has always done what is best for us and always will! Have a lovely evening with your family!

  • Mailmam

    No I am CSRS That is why I have such a sour taste from all of the rumours My basic idea is that everyone do what they were hired to do and it will all work out for the good Sometimes it may not seem that way right up front but listening to the whining and gossip has never worked. I know God is watching and He will do what is right

  • Blythe

    Amen, Mailmam! If more people would simply trust in God rather than unions, this would be a better world! We need to believe that Mr. Donahoe is doing God’s work, and that everything will work out, just as it always has! God bless you and your wonderful family!

  • striker

    been city carrier for 22 yrs now and all I have heard is how the p.o. is going broke but every year the supervisor seem to find a way to get that cash incentive pay otherwise known as a cash bonus mmm but this is different not only does it give that pmg the power to cut Saturday it also give the power to cut any other days as needed our job is to the public not the dollar we are a civil service not a profit making company. when the po can downgrade the importance of delivering 1st class mail then that will be the final blow to the importance of the post office and it will bring the p.o. one step closer to a private company.

  • common sense

    Why would “the NALC” be afraid? The NALC is a couple hundred thousand letter carriers who voluntarily pay dues, and who elect their own leadership. Why would the letter carriers be afraid of how the letter carriers would vote? You aren’t making any sense.

  • Ryan wnorowski

    I’ve got 15 years In and don’t remember voting for Rolando, or more accurately against him

  • Dan hines

    I am lazy

  • common sense

    Really? Do you remember the union meeting where you selected your Representative to the NALC convention? Because that guy cast your vote. What did you tell him? If all the carriers in your unit are in favor of Donahoe’s plan, five day delivery, did your rep try to block Ronaldo’s election? Because this issue didn’t just pop up yesterday. If your rep voted in favor of Ronaldo, have you replaced him? Has he started a movement to replace Ronaldo?

    Please don’t tell us that it s impossible. The APWU did it.