APWU: The Video the PMG Doesn’t Want You to See

From the American Postal Workers Union:

June 23, 2014 – The Postal Service’s propaganda machine has been working overtime in recent months, with workers forced to watch videos featuring Postmaster General Patrick R. Donahoe spewing falsehoods about “the state of the business” and the deal with Staples.

APWU President Mark Dimondstein takes on the PMG’s claims in a new video that every postal worker should see.

But while management can require employees to view his message while they’re on the clock, the union can’t. So make sure your co-workers hear the truth! Please show the video in swing rooms, cafeterias, at union events, and wherever postal employees get together.

Read more: Exposed: The Video the PMG Doesn't Want You to See | APWU.

  • Fed up

    This APWU president with see the demise of the clerk craft. His views on the way to deal with issues are out dated. The congressional leaders will not tolerate his bulling tactics and one sided views on issues. His radical tactics may have worked in the 1930’s but not in todays world. The contract allows for the work Staples is doing. File a grievance but that doesn’t get his name in the paper or on the news.

  • Suuuure…

    There wasn’t one “bulling” tactic laid out in the above video. He simply claimed the PMG was for privatizing and then proved it with internal documents and videos. Care to elaborate?

  • Wendy Johnson Knapp

    Are you crazy? What exactly are you fed up with? There was not one shred of bullying in this video….and your comment about the congressional leaders not tolerating his bullying tactics…very funny…the Congressional leaders are tied up trying to find another name for the Washington Redskins!! I find your statement pathetic…

  • Billy Jay

    We are all “fed up” with the Fed Ups of the world, who have no clue what the real problems of the world are, yet when shown actual evidence, such as what Mark was showing, they resort to going into union buster mode. Mark was elected to office over the incumbent because we need his type of views and methods of dealing with management. Educating the public to the wrong doings of said management is the way to go.

  • Retired PMIndiana

    I didn’t see anything wrong with what Mark or the PMG said. Mark’s job is to protect the membership which he is trying to do. The PMG is trying to keep as many Postal Employees as he can and put the company in a financial situation that will allow it to continue into the future. I fear that both will fail! 30 years ago I was averaging 3 or 4 pieces of First Class mail in my receptacle each day. Along with those pieces I might have gotten 1 or 2 pieces of standard mail. The idea behind the advertising mail was that if we were stopping at every house anyway, why not pick up a few extra pennies by delivering the business mail. After all it use to be that for every piece of standard we could get three or four pieces of First Class or Parcel Post back in business. It was a win-win for us. The First Class paid our bills and salaries. It’s not that way anymore! The volumes are there! The revenue isn’t. We don’t generate enough revenue off of the standard rate mail to pay our processing and delivery. We could raise the rates on business mail to a point that it will pay for itself. The customer will find alternate ways of advertising and stop using the Postal Service and our problems will only get worse. If you have ever had the opportunity to run a business then you know that if your revenue doesn’t cover your expenses then your business is going to fail or you have to reduce your expenses. The statement about Staples that Mark referred to concerning the PMG looking to provide service at reduced cost makes sense. We have to find ways to reduce our expenses and like it or not, labor is the biggest ticket item when it comes to expense in the Postal Service. Yes, we could and may need to eliminate some of the people at Head Quarters, Area’s and District offices. I have worked in a District Office and I know that there is waste at that level so I assume that there are the same issues on up.
    I would just say this to each employee of the Postal Service at this point. Get on board with 5 day delivery. It may hurt a few but that’s better than destroying you all. Do the best job and provide the best service that you can in the most efficient manner possible. That may not be enough to save the USPS but its really all you have control over at this time,

  • vitameatavegamin

    No one in my office has ever seen a PMG video…….it would be a nice paid naptime!