USPS solicits bids for new delivery vehicles

United States Postal Service fleet; U.S.A.The US Postal Service has started the ball rolling on a new generation of delivery vehicles with a solicitation for 400 to 500 “Intermediate Walk Through Body Delivery Trucks”. The trucks would have 500 cubic feet of cargo space compared with 108 in the current LLVs. The new trucks would have a cargo capacity of 3,500 pounds, more than triple what an LLV can handle.

And they will be air-conditioned.

Don’t get too excited about your shiny new vehicle just yet though- the solicitation notes that the contract award is “contingent upon approval of funding”.

Intermediate Walk Through Body Delivery Trucks – Federal Business Opportunities: Opportunities.

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  • Michael F

    Its a touch misleading giving comparisons to the LLV. The spec’s on the new vehicle they are looking for appears to be a replacement of the 2ton delivery vehicles currently used for collections.

  • postalnews

    Not sure how it’s misleading- the solicitation is specifically for “delivery” trucks that may make up to “300 starts and stops per day”, on “multi-stop delivery, relay, collection and parcel post routes”.

  • Tonto

    They will probably remove the ac like they took out the radios in the wind stars.No luxury for carriers

  • stcroixvalley

    Umm, sounds like they want UPS like trucks. Notice how they use the term cargo instead of mail…

  • ct

    I would say it is preparing for the amazon delivery days of parcel delivery….

  • Mailman030

    The only problem with using new vehicles to make deliveries if the Postal Service is ever allowed to eliminate door to door delivery is that the way that the current 2 ton trucks are configured does not allow mounted delivery as they are left hand drive.

  • Norm Lee

    I’d love to see new vehicles but increased parcels in late November to Christmas meant I was working up to 14 hours/day, delivering large segments of my route in the dark. Increased parcels would require adjustments to many routes who are already overburdened due to management refusal to adjust routes to 8 hours.Perhaps the new larger vehicles would be for new parcel routes with a second new vehicle to replace our LLV (hopefully with input from carriers) who had little say with the FFV.

  • wwwashingtondo

    Just use fords new transit vans.. just need to move the steering wheel over and your done.

  • Old Carrier

    What about their solicitation of bids to retrofit the current LLV’s body with new up to date engines and drivetrains?