Letter carrier accused of killing dog with a rock surrenders to police

Updated September 9, 2014– According to news reports, the Tarrant County Grand Jury declined to indict Jackson for fatally injuring the dog. The US Postal Service had no comment.

The Fort Worth Star Telegram has more:

FORT WORTH — A Tarrant County grand jury on Tuesday declined to indict a postal worker accused of bludgeoning a Yorkshire terrier with a rock, a decision that left the dog’s owners angry and dissatisfied.

“We’re upset,” said Lawrence Brown Jr., one of the owners of the 4-year-old, 10-pound dog named Maxwell. “Number one he did it, number two he told me he did it.”

The Browns rushed Maxwell to an emergency clinic in May, where a veterinarian told the couple that the Yorkie had a shattered skull and severe spinal cord injury and couldn’t be saved, so the dog was euthanized, Lawrence Brown said.

In June, Fort Worth police issued a probable cause arrest warrant for Ricky Eugene Jackson, a mail carrier who Brown said told him he felt threatened by the dog and was protecting himself. Maxwell was not on a leash and was across the street from the Browns’ house in the 3600 block of Hazeline Road when he was injured.

Jackson was facing a felony charge of animal cruelty.

“He was familiar with our animal, he’s been to our home before,” Brown said. “I’m not really understanding a lot of it. It’s like he got away with murder.”

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Original story:

Maxwell-Jackson-001A North Texas mail carrier has been charged with animal cruelty after a family’s pet, allegedly hit by a rock, had to be euthanized.

Fort Worth police said U.S. Postal Service worker Ricky Eugene Jackson turned himself in at the Tarrant County Jail Thursday afternoon. He was later released on a $3,500 bond.

Dog owner Lawrence Brown said his Yorkshire terrier named Maxwell had to be euthanized after being found critically injured May 17. Brown has said his pet apparently wandered across the street and then he heard the dog howling.

“At the time, I didn’t know it was my wife’s dog. I just heard a loud yell,” Brown said. “So when I looked at the postman as he was walking up the street, I asked him, ‘What did you do to that dog?’ He said, ‘I got me one.'”

“I said, ‘You got you one? Did you mace him?’ He said, ‘No, I hit him with a rock,'” Brown said.

It was then that Brown went across the street and learned from his neighbor that it was his family’s dog the mail man had been talking about.

Jackson has been on paid leave since the incident.

Read more: Mail Carrier Turns Himself In, Charged With Dog’s Death | NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth.

  • ownerofdogs

    Free him. Dog owner should be jailed. Ah! The lawsuit and payout they will get. Maybe they can make a hat out of the dogs skin.

  • jim

    Carrier may have overeacted and i am sure he would do it different given another chance, but the root of the problem is the owner.

  • RaiderRo


  • http://www.bungeeclub.com Bungeeclub

    I would think that he did not act correctly and maybe in his past has been cruel to animals, i am only guessing that. Does not seem right what he did.

  • matt

    I fully agree. I am a letter carrier and any dog that leave its own yard to attack you is a threat. Its one thing to have the dog protect its own yard but when it leave that yard is when the dog becomes the attacker. Dog owners (yes I am one) keep you dogs on a leash or locked inside of the house or fence. If this dog was locked up by its owner it would still be alive.

  • Surprise!

    The dog owner should be arrested for making the public streets a dangerous place for all people that are trying to use them.

  • RouteAbolished

    Brutally murdering a 10 pound Yorkie for barking at him. Dogs know the character in a person. Give this cowardly bully some more paid vacation. Remember Maxwell!

  • jsil06

    The dog has bite him before

  • Tony

    Responsible ownership must prevail at all times! However, you don’t throw a rock at a 10 lb. dog! That is why the Postal Service spends thousands on dog repellent spray. If you can hit a small target with a rock from a distance… I am sure you can effectively mace from a much closer distance you big dummy!

  • Paul Graveline

    It’s Texas, the accused is black. Nuff said.

  • jamie

    Maybe in his past does have been cruel to him, you ever think about that. But I see few people on these boards do any thinking

  • jamie

    How do you overreact when this can happen every day you go to work?

  • jamie

    And in Amerikkka, it doesn’t matter that the owner is Black, or the president is Black (sorta)

  • Charles

    You are quite the idiot, aren’t you? The dog’s OWNER is Black. How are you gonna play the race card now? Anyone claiming fear of a ten pound dog is a socially dangerous person. Leash law negligence doesn’t excuse killing a little dog.

  • matt

    When it comes to the size of the dog you are full of crap! Being a letter carrier most of the dogs that are trying to bite you or less than 15 pounds. If you have never walked in the shoes of a letter carrier delivering hundreds of houses a day in countering several dogs most of which are at the end of their ropes trying to rip your leg off! Try doing it! I do it everyday been bit once 15 years ago. Havent been bit since I was my foot to kick them away the spray only pisses them off more.

  • Newman Clavin

    Keep your dogs put up…at all times. People say, ” Oh, he won’t bite!” To which I reply, that if he can eat, then damn it, he can bite! And the dog spray does not work effectively, most of the time it barely squirts or just leaks the spray out. The spray sits in a vehicle all day in the heat, basically making it useless. I have kicked many dogs in my 25 years of carrying mail, have never killed one, but I sure have wanted to a couple times. I hope this carrier keeps his job, and then sues the dog’s owner for pain and suffering. Piss on you irresponsible dog owners!

  • Paul Graveline

    Black on black violence?

  • Going postal

    What happened to stand your ground? Oh, he’s black, doesn’t count.

  • mailman bob

    I dont blame him at all! That dog had teeth small dogs are quick and evasive. He did what he had to do. The owner should be charged for animal cruelty, because the owners negligence led to the incident.

  • Sarah

    If it don’t bite, I don’t sue……….Palin and simple.

  • Paul Graveline

    Please see my comment from 3 months ago further down.

  • A Retired Mail Handler

    Article does not give enough details. The small dog needed to be chained, which it apparently wasn’t. I’m no animal nut; but, it does seem brutal for the carrier who appears to weigh 20 or more times the dog’s weight to smash the dog’s head with a rock. Why didn’t he pepper spray the beast? The carrier was extremely lucky that this incident did not result in violent retaliation. I’d recommend that the district manager and the carrier union relocate the carrier for the good of all.

  • Beleg

    Keep your pets on a leash, in the house or behind a secure fence. It’s not the letter carriers fault the dog attacked. The carrier has the right to protect himself from dog attack regardless of the size of the dog. Pet dogs should not be loose on the streets and it is the pet owners responsibilty to secure their pets. The Grand Jury thinks so too.

  • Root’n Toot’n Union!

    It’s the owner’s fault, period. I was attacked by two terriers as they crossed the street to bite me. Those suckers are fast and I did everything in my power to avoid getting bit. I even tried kicking them but they were too darn fast! Any dog bites me, the owner will be sued asap!

  • Ben Bitten

    Well the carrier just got a 3 month paid vacation.

  • Cindy Downen

    This dog weighed 10 (TEN) POUNDS! This guy certainly appears large enough to have just walked away! Not only did he kill this dog, he then bragged about it! If he is that ‘terrified’ of a 10 pound terrier, he needs a desk job! This is despicable and I do NOT believe justice was served today. But then, I guess it is a normal day in the United States of America!

  • Cindy Downen

    Your comment: ‘Maybe they can make a hat out of the dogs skin.’ is disgusting and perverted! I hope you NEVER have the privilege of owning any kind of animal!

  • Cindy Downen

    So even the pepper spray issued by the USPS is a screwed up mess! This. is. not. surprising!

  • PostalCarrier903

    Wow! Déjà Vu. After delivering a package, I was bit by a dog (under 10 pounds) 3 days ago. Felt like razors ripping my leg (3 puncture wounds, bleeding, bruising, etc). After showing the owner the bleeding wound, she didn’t apologize… Only said “Don’t worry, his shots are current,” AND WALKED BACK INSIDE!