Anti-gay group refuses mail with Harvey Milk stamp

You probably weren’t wondering about this, but just in case- the rabidly homophobic “American Family Association”, which has called for a boycott of the Harvey Milk stamp, and says it will refuse to accept mail bearing the stamp, is serious about it! From the humor blog Wonkette:

You may recall that we recently challenged you to send the nice folks at the American Patriarchy Association some love in envelopes adorned with Harvey Milk stamps, which they are urging people to boycott because ew, gay. And so Alert Wonkette Operative “TK” sent them a little note, and even a small donation, in an envelope with one of the terrible horrible demon stamps. And back it came!


Read more: Exclusive: American Family Association Bravely Refuses To Touch Sodomite Postage Stamps Honoring Harvey Milk.

  • Tony

    It must be nice to have nothing better to worry about than Harvey Milk on a damn stamp. News flash folks… Some of our forefathers were the biggest offenders of human decency and behavior and back then you had to lick their stamps… How did it feel!

  • Jack Straw

    Use the same address for the return address , and see what happens then ………

  • hollywood

    I remember the problem the USPS had with the Nixon stamps . People were spitting on the wrong side .