Video: USPS apologizes for Guam address change fiasco

Guam – With the uproar over incorrect mailing addresses with the United States Postal Service two months ago, Guam Officer-in-Charge Christopher Warren "deeply apologized" to the mayors this morning during their monthly meeting.

Last month, island mayors expressed their frustration with the USPS over the blunder they say the postal service created in changing the address system islandwide. 

Warren apologized to the mayors "for any confusion and inconvenience it may have caused." He explained that there are many reason mail can be kicked out. Among those is technological advances made by USPS. Warren said that manual sorting stopped this past February and mail is now being sorted using computerized sorting machines. 

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  • Tn Rural Carrier

    When all the people at the top have no clue as to how the Postal Service really works, things like this happen. This is also why USPS is in a financial crisis, the bozos at the top don’t know what they are doing. If Congress is really interested in reform, can everybody in top management (all the 40+ Vice Presidents in the unneeded categories). They postal service is a wreck because of all the crap with numbers put on all the offices. Let the workers do their jobs and cut all the crap.