OIG: USPS needs to act on replacing its delivery fleet

Screenshot 2014-06-17 at 8.35.44 AM - EditedThe USPS Inspector General says that the USPS needs to get its act together on replacing its aged delivery fleet, which it says will only “sustain delivery operations nationwide until FY 2017”- if it’s lucky:

The Postal Service has an acquisition strategy, but has not fully developed or implemented it. The short-term plan developed in 2011 included acquiring 25,000 vehicles costing about $500 million to meet operational needs and replace some of the aging fleet. The long-term plan included purchasing the next generation of delivery vehicles beginning in fiscal year (FY) 2017. However, this plan lacked details, such as vehicle requirements, specifications, and green technology features. Despite
3 years of effort, neither plan has been approved or fully funded. In January 2014, the Postal Service received approval to purchase 3,509 vehicles to meet a contractual rural carrier vehicle commitment as a stop gap measure.

These conditions occurred due to financial constraints. Our analysis of the delivery vehicle inventory and motorized routes showed the Postal Service could
sustain delivery operations nationwide until FY 2017. On the other hand, it could experience vehicle shortfalls if there are unexpected decreases in vehicle inventory or increases in motorized routes. In addition, aging
vehicles are typically repaired when they break down, even though it would sometimes be more cost effective to
replace them.

In designing new delivery vehicles, management must consider federal fleet regulations, emerging vehicle
technologies, and fleet best practices. For example, growth in the package market could help dictate the design and technologies selected for a new vehicle.
Moreover, replacing vehicles could take more than 10 years. Thus, the Postal Service should act quickly to implement a plan to meet operational needs, achieve sustainability goals, and reduce maintenance costs.

Full report.

  • Tony

    The OIG has really got it’s finger on the pulse! The fleet should have been replaced 10 years ago Duh!

  • Huber

    Now they are taking our trucks that have bad frames and not replacing them.

  • One Who Knows

    The Southwest Area had 1800 CNG vehicles and many onsite fueling stations up until Vehicle Maintenance decided to no longer maintain them. The problems with the fleet result from Vehicle Maintenance being more concerned about keeping their VMF empire than the good of the Postal Service. The OIG needs to remove all Vehicle Maintenance Managers and replace them with competent managers.