Is Staples trying to bribe teachers so they won’t support postal workers?

StaplesShrews14-540x270 - EditedIn what appears to be a rather cynical attempt to buy the allegiance of public school teachers, Staples says it will donate a million dollars to fund classroom projects. The announcement comes as teacher organizations have joined protests across the country against Staples’ partnership with the US Postal Service, which seeks to replace career postal workers with minimum wage temporary employees.

From the Boston Globe:

Staples Inc. said Thursday it will donate $1 million to, an online charity that provides funds requested by teachers for classroom projects.

In a press release, the Framingham company cited a recent survey that found 75 percent of parents of teens believe a shortage of school supplies is a “significant challenge for schools.” Staples said teachers shell out an average of $408.71 from their own pockets on supplies for their classrooms each year.

Staples also said Thursday that it is sponsoring the North American leg of Katy Perry’s Prismatic World Tour and offering fans a chance to win a free trip to meet the singer in Los Angeles by creating videos about how education has impacted them.

Teachers are an important group of consumers for the retailer because of the vast amount of supplies schools and educators purchase every year.

The new donation is being made at a time when teachers unions in several states are joining forces with US Postal Service workers to boycott the office supply chain.

The postal workers are upset that Staples offers comprehensive mail services at 82 of its stores. The unions say Staples and leaders of the postal service are taking jobs away from government workers and trying to privatize mail service.

Read more: Staples donates $1 M to school projects – Business – The Boston Globe.

  • Think people

    For Staples to donate that much money the closed door deal they made with the USPS must be sweet indeed!!!

  • Mailmam

    Your thinking is truly backwards They are doing something very nice to help insure the kids get what they need and you want to tell them no. Maybe you are going after the wrong group here Maybe if schools did not have to spend so much on salary,retirement and health benefits there would be enough left to buy the kids the supplies they need

  • 007jayc

    Hey mailman, I’m a mailman and my wife is a teacher, and I can tell you flat out that she doesn’t make that much money. Her sister, my brother and his wife, as well as a few of my cousins are teachers, and they do not make that much. So if you are talking about principals and superintendents , then you need to state that and not include teachers.

  • People wake up!!

    The sad part to all of this, what is the deal with Staples? Other then there is a relationship with CBRE, smeels like some back door deal that Corporate America has done for years, and Congress can not seem to pull the wool off their eyes to see all the conflicts of interest here! Or is this a US POSTAL Service bailout of a Private business which is sinking? Call it what you want, blame whom ever you want. If the business cant stand alone, then say bye bye! Adapting to change in a global economy, and the demands of the consumers should inspire to adapt. If you fail at this task, then good bye and gook luck. Thats why they pay CEO’s millions of dollars right?