• Bob

    First, how can you say anything nice about Staples, they said our employees were not hard working, I think we as PO employees should stop using staples for the way we were put down. We have over 500,000 employees and could really put a hurting on them.
    Second, you talk about respecting employees well in our office alone we have at least 3 EEO complaints filed against our management, mine alone has seven charges against management.
    Third, you don’t need to touch our health care, what you need to do is get congress to do away with the retirees pre funding of the health care. We are spending 5.5 billion dollars a year that we don’t have. No other business or goverment agency. Is required to do this. We are being used as a cash cow, if you ask congress where this money is going it’s going in to the general fund and being spent. So when it comes time to use this money they won’t have it. They are doing to this just like they are doing to social security.

  • Doris Maha

    Where is your mention of the pre funding that is draining resources for the Post Office? You sound more like a computer salesman than head of the postal department. You know the Post office is making plenty of money, it is just going into the general US fund rather than your department. Do you believe we believe anything you say when you tell such falsehoods?

  • Another window clerk

    I couldn’t watch it after the first 30 seconds. We are losing first class mailings because we are failing to deliver on time or just deliver it! As a window clerk I can’t tell you how many people come in complaining that they mailed their letter on one day and ten days later it still hadn’t gotten to it’s destination. I am getting tired of telling people to wait to see if it shows up. I want to tell them that the machines destroyed it or it is sitting in a tub or tray that is supposedly empty. Closing processing plants and sending local mail out of state in order to process it is a crock! Those who make the decisions should actually work all positions in the PO and see what actually occurs in a plant and in an office. These boobs are making decisions without the knowledge to make good decisions. I am tired of all of it.

  • surprise!

    We have been told that Postmaster Donaho supports, A plan from House Republicans to support the highway trust fund with savings from eliminating Saturday mail delivery.

    I think not addressing this issue directly as in true or false has shown a great disrespect for Postal Employees.

    If Donaho had not prepared for this issue his script writers should have written this issue in. That is part of showing respect for employees. Addressing our issues not just Donaho’s.