Video: Mail not being delivered to 300 Imperial MO apartment units

( – There are more than 300 units at the Lakewood Apartments in Imperial but none of the residents there have received mail deliveries in more than two weeks.

Charles Hines’ 78-year old mother lives there and contacted News 4 after he was told it will be weeks or even months before mail deliveries resume.

“I went to the post office and they said it would be 3-6 months before mail would be delivered there, before the postmaster figured it would be safe to deliver mail again,” Hines said.

News 4 contacted the Postal Inspection Service and learned there had been a string of thefts from mailboxes at the apartment complex. The mailboxes are in a covered area outside but are open and accessible 24-hours a day and vulnerable to thieves.

via Mail not being delivered to 300 Imperial apartment units | St. Louis.

  • 007jayc

    USPS wants to do away with door to door for cluster boxes and more of this will happen

  • Eric Simon

    I’m sure the carrier is still working 8 hours a day?

  • IIlIIl111

    Thank Darryl Issa and the REPUBLICAN Congress for THAT………………