Kokomo letter carrier’s husband ejected from city council meeting on dog ordinance

A man was ejected from Monday’s Kokomo Common Council meeting after tempers flared over the city’s current dog ordinance.

Postal worker Vicki Emry was bitten by a pit bull in January while delivering mail in the 600 block of East Mulberry Street. Vicki Emry’s husband, Richard Emry, and postal worker Pam Jones said they have been trying to meet with council members about strengthening the dangerous dog ordinance since the incident.

After claiming the council had not taken enough steps to set up meetings to work toward modifying the ordinance, Richard Emry was escorted out by a Kokomo police officer when Emry became unruly, shouting at council members.

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  • Tired of stupidity

    What a bunch of useless politicians! I would like to see if it were one of their loved ones attacked by a pit bull if the sense of urgency to address the issue would improve! Throw the owners in jail and kill the dog! Very simple!