Albany DM promoted to Manager, Package Platform

Announcement from USPS Chief Operating Officer Megan J. Brennan, via

I am pleased to announce, effective immediately, Luke Grossmann will serve as the Manager, Package Platform (Headquarters). A key DRIVE initiative, Luke will be responsible for the development and integration of a comprehensive World Class Package Platform plan within the organization.

Most recently, Luke served as the District Manager, Albany (New York) District where he guided the consolidation of the Mid-Hudson P&DC and Plattsburgh Post Office into the Albany P&DC. Luke began working with the Postal Service as a consultant focusing on various network initiatives. Accepting a career position in 2005, Luke was responsible for extensive network modeling leading to the latest network optimization design.

Luke holds undergraduate degrees in both economics and finance from American University, and a master of business administration in finance from the University of Maryland. He is also a Sloan Fellow and holds a master of science in management.

With his strong educational background and work experience, Luke has a proven track record for developing innovative solutions and leading change, and is uniquely suited to oversee the implementation of our package platform.

Please join me in welcoming Luke to his new assignment.

  • Tony

    9 years in the business! A damn joke!

  • Mr. Zip

    If he came up inhouse through the ranks,he wouldn’t have attained his college degrees.One of the few in management with a legit degree.

  • bigtime

    Hey Luke, you think you can do something about the llvs for the packages ?you know there is no space, no shelves, 4 feet of height in back (already 5 carriers out with back problems this year ) and the packages get crushed daily. These death traps are not made to hold/work out of back, with 50_100 packages daily and fss trays,DPs trays and tubs of cased mail .my guess is you are just another going eye guy that will just say the carriers will make it work.the injuries are mounting ,the damage reports are mounting, the morale is all time low. You know you can build a house with a handsaw,hammer,and screwdriver,but this isn’t 1614.

  • pdbocc

    Seriously!?!?!? You think our top managment need more than the GED’s that many of them have? SInce he didn’t come through the old crony system he may actually do some good.

  • LDDC tech

    Most, if not all, postal managers that have any sort of a degree got them by taking online courses while at work. How many fake degrees can be found on many of the padded up 991’s out there?

  • Tired of stupidity

    To my friend Mr. Zip…I admire your optimism and certainly hope you are right! However, after 34 years of working with some of the most well educated individuals one could imagine, including a Yale graduate, the only thing I have learned is that common sense will always prevail over education. The only problem being… It is not always so common! Do not be fooled by education. Any one can buy one these days!