Endicia Releases Unique Return Shipping Solution

endiciaPALO ALTO, Calif., June 10, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Endicia, the leading provider of ecommerce shipping technologies and services, today announced the electronic postage industry’s first “Pay-on-Use Returns” innovation exclusively for the United States Postal Service (USPS). This service will save time and money for online sellers, as well as improve the overall returns experience for online shoppers.

Unlike traditional USPS labels, Endicia’s Pay-on-Use Returns shipping labels are not pre-paid. Postage is only deducted if and when a return label is scanned into the mail stream.

A ComScore study (2012) reported that 95 percent of shoppers will repeat business after a positive returns experience, and 85 percent will not repeat business if the returns process is inconvenient. Providing online shoppers with a pre-printed return label in their original package or an emailed label to use at their leisure are both critical elements to ensuring a hassle-free returns experience.

“As a plus-size clothing company with a thriving ecommerce business, our success relies heavily on giving customers all-around top-notch service,” said Eddie Khanbeigi, COO & general counsel of Kiyonna. “Since the USPS offers the most economic pricing, which our customers appreciate, I’m overjoyed with the time and money we’ll save in not having to pre-pay for the return labels.”

With Endicia’s Pay-on-Use Returns service, online businesses no longer need to spend valuable time requesting refunds for return shipping labels that go unused, nor absorb the cost of including a pre-paid USPS return label in their shipments.

“Online sellers have been clamoring for a more efficient returns process – one that gives customers the convenience they deserve without damaging a business’ balance sheet,” said Amine Khechfe, co-founder and general manager of Endicia. “Today, we are proud to offer e-tailers a solution that saves them time and money on package returns, while still utilizing the USPS shipping services they love.”

Endicia’s Pay-on-Use Returns service joins the existing suite of Endicia Returns solutions, which includes pre-paid USPS return labels and the recently released cross-border Canada Returns. The extended returns’ capability increases the functionality of Endicia’s shipping technology platform, enabling Endicia customers to manage end-to-end shipping labels for domestic and international destinations.

To learn more about this innovative new service, visit www.endicia.com/pay-on-use-returns.

  • George

    Unique shipping solution?
    How about Business Reply Mail labels that the post office has been using since way back when?
    BRM guarantees revenue capture but management nowadays is not into revenue protection: consider personal checks being allowed to be sent as bulk mail.