PMG Donahoe supports GOP plan to have USPS finance highway repairs

Remember how the Postmaster General and his CFO told us not long ago that the USPS was in a death spiral and might run out of cash any day now?


That’s the basic message from the PMG today, according to the Washington Post, which reports that Donahoe thinks the GOP idea to have the USPS finance the federal highway system for a year by ending Saturday mail delivery makes sense.

patA plan from House Republicans to buoy the nearly-empty highway trust fund with savings from eliminating Saturday mail delivery has struck many observers as an odd idea — a budget accounting trick that would finance road projects by preventing a future bailout of the U.S. Postal Service.

But the top postal official says he couldn’t be more pleased.

“We not only need five-day delivery,” Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe said in an interview. “But I would say, if this was able to help take the angst out of the [broader postal] legislation for some lawmakers, that would help us out.”

Donahoe has long pushed to eliminate Saturday delivery of letters, a service cut that’s estimated to save the financially strapped mail agency about $2 billion a year (some Democrats, labor unions and postal regulators have questioned whether the savings could be that high).

So much for any suggestion that the PMG is serious when he cries wolf about USPS finances! The PMG has claimed that 5 day delivery would save the USPS billions- now he wants to go ahead with it even if the USPS doesn’t get to keep any of the “savings”?

On the plus side, it should be noted that the Post actually called the plan what it really is- an “accounting trick”. Now how about asking the PMG or maybe Eric Cantor the billion dollar question: How does cutting Saturday mail delivery help the USPS if the USPS doesn’t get to keep the “savings”?

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  • Root’n Toot’n Union!

    This guy is a freak’n idiot! A lap dog for the politicians. Get up off your knees and do your job, useless arsehole!

  • daddybear67

    Just a bad idea. Why would they pay someone else’s bills when they can’t pay their own?

  • 007jayc

    another sign he’s working with Issa and he needs to be fired


    Incredibly stupid– he knows exactly what he is doing. 2 years ago he set himself up with a huge retirement umbrella– ISSA has an ALEC agenda and Donahoe has done everything that Congressman has been working toward within the agency! The proof is in the numbers of employees and the EEOC class actions and RIF figures– Our economy is being effected by this stupidity– 750 thousand employees in 2006 to just a tad over 400 thousand today.

  • Batman


  • Expose Corruption

    PMG Donahoe is a hand picked puppet whose instructions are to do everything possible to dismantle and destroy the infrastructure of the Postal Service. Big mail who continues to illegally flood the mail stream and receive delivery for less than the actual cost lobby’s the politicians daily and is responsible .

  • BigG54

    Take his annual salary away from him to help pay for it.

  • MikeS

    I think the last line says it all… How does cutting Saturday mail delivery help the USPS if the USPS doesn’t get to keep the “savings”?

  • Danno

    And more VP’s and management than before he was appointed PMG.

  • Bob


  • ben

    Ummm… just so you know- the USPS has this thing called a “web site”? Maybe you’ve heard of them? Anyways, the way it works is that the USPS doesn’t have to beg the “news media” to publish stuff?

    So I suspect if the PMG didn’t say what the newspaper says he said, maybe he would have had something posted on that “web site”? Or on the @USPS twitter account? Or the USPS Facebook page? Maybe you’re new here? To the Internet I mean?

  • vitameatavegamin

    Hail Freedonia!!!!

  • Mailmam

    No I am not new to the internet Did anyone say anything about you EVER that you refused to dispute because it was so entirely ridiculous that you refused to dignify with an answer? Just think about this idea. Have you heard him say it? If I hear theses words I should believe. I am very careful about gossip. Thank you for your concern Ben Have a lovely evening with your family I know I will with mine

  • Bob

    Before we do any of this stuff we need to look at the issue, first we receive no tax money all money is earned thru postage so the money they take will be from money the PO took in from postage. Second if they really wanted to help the PO they would do away with the pre funded retiree health care the PO is paying (5.5 billion dollars a year). It seems to me that is approx. the loss the PO takes every year. All they want to do is use the PO as a cash cow.

  • Barbi Dahl

    So…the locked cluster boxes are not as secure as my totally unlocked mail box next to the street in front of my house a 1/4 mile away? Um…no.

  • jeefray

    Why don’t the Unions republish the list of private contracts that cost the Postal Service billions of dollars? Why don’t the Unions work to eliminate the discounts for presorted mail, since the Postal Service will re-sort the mail anyway to give their Clerks something to do? Why aren’t the hundreds of thousands of Postal employees writing their Congressional representatives to reverse pre-funding of health benefits? Retirees as well, all of the above.

  • Donuthole

    I think the answer to that question is obvious.

  • Ken Schoentag

    PMG Donahoe is feathering his nest just as his predecessor did. When he retires he will go to work for a company in the private sector. During his tenure the he agreed with and supported the legislation that saddled the Postal Service with the prefunding of retiree health care and other disastrous policies. What did he get in return for that support, his salary and benefits increased. It does not surprise me that he would agree with the proposal to eliminate Saturday delivery as he has tried to get approval from Congress to eliminate Saturday delivery.

  • Mail Handler

    Actually, the $5.5 billion pre-fund shakedown bill was passed in ’06,four years before he was appointed PMG and in Donawhore’s first appearance before Issa’s committee,he asked that Congress repeal the pre-fund requirement but has since backtracked after Issa and the Republicans got to him in private communication,telling him if he kept quiet on the pre-fund,he would get what he wants in a reform bill,ie everything in Issa’s latest bill.

  • b9bt

    Time to picket the White House, Congress, NALC &L’Enfant Plaza in Washington. Where is the fight? What 1 Rally a year. Pres. Rolando IS a paper tiger. He goes to to Congress with his hat in hand; Time to step up to the plate We should learn from the Strike of 1970 or we are doomed to forget it. Active Retired Letter Carrier

  • Brian

    All great points, especially the one about the needless presort discounts. Presorted mail is reworked not just to give clerks work, but to pad up the numbers, making management look better. This is pure theft of postal funds, as the excessive discounts given out have been negated by this act. The huge “Value Added Rebates” given to the presort houses is worse, our office pays these companies several thousand dollars a day just for dropping off presorted mail. All private contracts should be investigated, to see what postal manager has ties to the holder of such contract. And yes, the prefunding is the main culprit of our current financial woes…that and managers in cahoots with privatizers.

  • Billy Jay

    If the PO won’t pay it’s annual prefunding payment, what makes you think they would pay a highway repair bill??? Saturday off?? Good luck with that, carriers would still get split days off, with all working Mondays, and overtime on that day, also.