Video: Wedding invitations go missing in the mail

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. (WIVB) – Linda Lorentz personally carried the 120 invitations to her daughter’s wedding into the Orchard Park Post Office on May 27, but nine days later, not one of them has been delivered.

“It’s so baffling,” said Linda.

The invitations were something special, according to the bride-to-be, Gina Lorentz, whose uncle did the calligraphy on the envelopes.

“My Uncle Tom, who’s a beautiful artist, did those for us. It was one of his gifts to us, each of them was unique and a work of art,” said Gina.

Her mother joked about the fact that she actually spent more time choosing the wedding invitations than she did her wedding gown. Gina says she was counting down the days until they were being delivered to the Post Office.

“I just didn’t know that the Post Office doesn’t take responsibility for losing mail, which, it’s their job to get people their mail.”

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  • RandyF

    My guess would be illegible addresses due to the calligraphy the Uncle did. Yes, it looks quite beautiful and anyone involved would easily be able to read it since they know what it is supposed to say. Others? Maybe not so much. I would also ask if a return address was used. Were the envelopes handed to a person or deposited in the mail slot? You would be surprised haw many people would swear on their life that they did everything to mail letters only to find that they forgot to put stamps on or even neglected to use a complete address.

    Just my thoughts.

  • Mailhandler

    Just last night I seen again wedding invitations mix in with priority mail Post con container while dumping mail on machine. The stamp on invitation were not cancelled out & were with other mail we call collection mail. We had to stop machine and pick them out Of rest mail to put aside and give to supervisor. This is a weekly occurrence at Nashua L&DC Processing plant. I see every week wedding invitations all together but stamp not cancelled yet in Postal container used for mostly priority. packages.

  • Kathy Beaman Cook

    Did they have enough postage on them? Were they machinable or non machineable? Letters, large envelopes, or parcels? Mail has gotten to be so complicated. What some people think is a letter is actually not and without a return address on the mail quite often they cannot be returned. Furthermore calligraphy writing is not readable by machines. It is amazing to me how many people do not know how to properly address mail. I understand you want everything to look pretty and fancy but pretty and fancy to the machine that reads the address means nothing. So if you choose to not follow the rules of how to properly address mail then if mail occasionally get losts it is not always the post office to blame now is it?

  • The Master

    Plant personnel and Post Office’s alike need to get a serious mail search going and find out where the invites are and get them delivered. Play the blame game later! For now, get off your lazy butts and look! TMS is usually a good start!

  • Miguel

    Looks like to me the printing on the invitations is fine as is the ornate envelopes. Doesn’t matter if they are machinable OR non-machinable. Those machines are pretty dang good at reading just about anything. I have letters in my DPS that only have the name on it and somehow it get’s to the right route for delivery. HOW??? I don’t know. But it happens daily. You can say it’s not the USPS’s fault, but in this case it is. When not ONE of the wedding invitations have been delivered??? there’s a problem at that particular post office. As a carrier, I would have personally placed these special letters in a non-machinable tray to avoid these running through the machine. I would expect a window clerk to do the same. Even if they were deposited in the outgoing mail slot at the post office you would think that SOME of them would have either been delivered or returned to sender. I apologize to this customer because the type of service they received is unacceptable.

  • Rula

    all the above….and was the postage even correct?? They are probably on their way back to sender. Sad, but normal.