Bronx postal worker charged with workers comp fraud

Maria Chmielewski, a 38 year old postal worker assigned to Woodlawn Station in the Bronx is accused of defrauding the USPS of $150,000 in workers compensation benefits, according to news reports:

Despite Chmielewski’s claims that she was suffering from post-traumatic stress, panic disorder, and agoraphobia following a 2008 incident that rendered her “a prisoner in her own home,” she was caught taking two separate holiday cruises, one to Alaska, and another to Canada, on which she was seen on video.  Although she claimed she was unable to leave her home or even drive, investigators spotted her behind the wheel on numerous occasions.

Chmielewski was hired in 2004.
Read more: New York State News on the Net!.

  • mcgoo

    good i hope she does some jail time too!
    so she really knows how it is to be a prisoner.
    people like this make it bad for the rest of us loyal hard working usps employees