Mailwoman Saves Raritan NJ Woman’s Life

Raritan resident Marion Boyce remembers walking out of her house on Thompson Street – and then waking up in the hospital with a respirator, and her son and daughter by her bedside.

And now she would like to thank Raritan mailwoman Glenda Mix for saving her life.

On April 23, Mix, who has worked for the Raritan Post Office for 10 years, was delivering the mail on Thompson Street when she saw one of her customers in her car. She said the woman looked like she was leaning over.

“I tapped on the window to make sure she was OK, and she didn’t answer,” Mix said. “I went to the driver side and tapped on the window, then opened the door and tapped her to see if she would respond.”

“She never did, so I panicked,” she added.

Mix said the woman, later identified as Boyce, was turning blue, so she immediately called 911 and stayed with her until the Raritan Rescue Squad arrived.

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