Video: Postal inspectors say grandparents scam continues across U.S.


LAS VEGAS (KSNV – Thousands of grandparents continue to be scam targets across the country, according to U.S. postal inspectors.

Wanda Wood said the voice sounded like her grandson. He said he needed help and money immediately.

“I really and truly believed it was Matt,” Wood said. “The kid sounded like Matt.”

Postal inspectors say Wood was one of thousands of Americans who have been victims of the so-called “Grandparent Scheme.”

via Rip-Off Alert: Grandparents scam continues across U.S. – Las Vegas MyNews3 – KSNV.

  • pdbocc

    Okay, someone help me out here. Just what does a telephone scam have to do with the US Postal Inspectors? I thought they handled the mail, not telephone commumications.

  • jcpostal

    Postal Inspectors get involved because the scammer asks them to mail money. Any time the mail is involved, even in any minute way, Postal Inspectors get involved.

  • rula

    this happened to someone I know. She couldnt hear and said is this Nathan? and then they went with it. It didnt work because “grandma ” was broke and didnt have any money. That’s the only reason she didnt get ripped off. We have to try to guard the elderly.