Video: Woman Steals Mail Packages From Homes in California

Surveillance video released Friday and only seen on the KTLA 5 News caught a woman trailing a mail carrier and stealing packages from two West Covina homes.

Video capturing the theft at Alex Castillo’s home on Wednesday was reported to the U.S. Postal Service and local police department.

“When I called the police and they came out to make a report they said it’s been happening more recently in the area,” Castillo said. “These people are coming and they’re probably taking electronics worth $500 to $600 or more.”

Read more: Exclusive Video: Woman Steals Mail Packages From West Covina Homes | KTLA 5.

  • juju

    as a customer I tell my PO NOT to deliver the packages..give me a notice, I will pick them up.

  • pdbocc

    Good idea. How do you handle deliveries from FedEx and/or UPS? They always just drop and run.