Elvis’ tooth goes missing in postal mix up

It could only happen in England- the King’s crown is missing in the mail! The King is Elvis Presley, of course, and the crown is the dental kind:

A postal mix up means Elvis’ crown which was expected at the Appledore Cosmetic Dental Clinic has gone missing

Staff are speculating Elvis’ tooth may have been returned to sender after a postal mix up this morning.

Staff at Appledore Cosmetic Dental Clinic in Forest Road, Binfield had planned their day around the arrival of a dental crown worn by Elvis Presley.

However, when they opened the parcel they discovered nothing but dental equipment.

Owner, Dr Teresa Day said: “Elvis is in the building but his tooth is missing.

“We’re all dressed up as Elvis, we’ve still got Elvis music playing and we’re still doing the free mouth cancer screening.”

The event was planned to draw attention to mouth cancer and the surgery has offered free screenings worth £65 to anyone who comes in dressed as Elvis.