• Doris Maha

    What more can the Rs do to destroy the Postal Service? If they can think of it, they will do it.

  • Bill Garbe

    if they win control of the Senate…watch out!

  • Just judy

    Does anyone realize we are now in the parcel business. We can’t even cram all the parcels in our vechile let alone get them into cluster boxes. Hence up and down every street anyway. Where exactly is the savings?

  • common sense

    Umm maybe you’re new to this country? You obviously don’t have a clue about how Washington works! The Democrats haven’t had “unfettered control” over anything since Obama was first elected. Under our gerrymandered House, and filibustered Senate, the minority teabaggers have had veto power over just about everything.

    The fact that Obama’s budgets have included 5 day delivery for several years is not exactly news. Does that stink? Sure it does! So because the Democrats don’t do everything we want, that means we should vote for the party that does absolutely NOTHING for working class Americans? Are you serious?????

  • MrZip

    Because they used the money to lower the federal deficit. If they stop the prefunding and/or give the money back, they’ll be raising the decicit. Basically they picked the USPS’s pocket.

  • Roger Doger

    Ed claims there is some $40B in the RHBP trust fund? I would love to see that in print. Just like the Social Security trust fund, there is no money in the RHBP trust fund. It’s all smoke and mirrors.