Update: USPS deletes “delivery can be as late as 10pm” tweet

Update: After we posted the following item, we heard from the official @USPS twitter account, informing us that original tweet didn’t really mean that mail could be delivered as late as 10 PM, because the item in question wasn’t mail (in the view of @USPS), but a package. @USPS also tells us that when they told the customer that her package could arrive as late as 10PM, they didn’t mean that it should arrive that late- they were simply passing on the info that “some customers have reported receiving packages that late”. Even though that isn’t what their original tweet actually said. Scroll down for the whole exchange!

You may recall that last Friday we shared an official @USPS tweet that informed a customer that the package she was waiting for could be delivered as late as 10 PM- here’s a screenshot of the tweet:

Screenshot 2014-05-24 at 7.03.58 AM - Edited (1)

Someone at the USPS apparently had second thoughts about that answer- the tweet has now disappeared…

Screenshot 2014-05-27 at 7.34.38 PM - Edited

via A knock on the door at 10PM? It might be your mailman! | postalnews blog.

Update: After we posted this item, we heard from the USPS via twitter:

Ummmm… OK, so what does that mean?

Oh. So apparently when a customer asks USPS when she can expect a package to be delivered, @USPS tells her what other customers have reported, rather than what the USPS service standard is?

We haven’t received a reply to our question about packages no longer being considered mail.

  • U.S. Postal Service

    The post was edited to directly respond to the customer’s question. In response to the original post however, The vast majority of our mail carriers deliver by 6pm, however, there are times when delays cannot be prevented. Inclement weather and excessive volume are a couple reasons delays may occur. We apologize for any inconvenience these delays might cause.

  • zmonster

    The only thing Postal Management hates more than Postal customers are Postal employees.

  • freecountry

    That is a politically correct crock of crap!!! ” There are times when delays cannot be prevented?” Really? How about hiring as many percentage of carriers that you have hired at headquarters! That would be a start…”Excessive volume?” Roll it over until a lighter day! The real reason you don’t want carriers knocking on doors at 10pm is management doesn’t want to be woke up!!!

  • Mike the Mailman

    Typical… It frustrates management to no end when I point out that they contradict themselves in the same sentence, and it happens all the time. I expect one day I will get to witness the bosses head exploding trying to outwit common sense.

  • GordonG

    You guys in management never learn. When warranted, a simple “we were wrong” goes a long way. Instead people receive a convoluted answer rationalizing poor decisions. Customers and employees who are outside of your inner circle can see it. Your arrogance keeps you blind.

  • USPS Mismanager

    We are always right and you lazy slugs and customers are always wrong…now shut up do as you are told!

  • Greta

    This is THE MOST truthful comment! ^^^^

  • unionboy

    No upper level postal manager should be allowed to leave their office until all delivery personal are off of street.All managers should be required to keep ALL lights of in their office and work wearing headlamps

  • Bret Smithers

    If you just told the truth to begin with, there would be no story. But you followed one lie with another as if you wouldn’t be caught. There must be good money at L’Enfant for bad liars.

  • Super ZIP

    Aren’t these the same geniuses who embarrassed themselves by tweeting to The Onion and laughing about mail levels being down? Then they tried to pass it off as a joke? Yes. This is how you get paid $100,000+ annually at HQ. By failing at your job.

  • Bret Smithers

    I forgot about that. So over a couple of months they lie, joke around, and reveal themselves as fools on the web in front of the world. But they’re looking to cut hours on service while gifting the hacks at L’Enfant with raises for playing around on the internet. only at the USPS do you get ahead for being a fool.

  • http://www.guidanceinlife.com Guidance

    We routinely get our mail from anywhere from 7:00PM-9:30PM… It’s frustrating. Whenever we request a pick up of our outgoing mail, they never take it; we get confirmation emails telling us our package has been picked up, but when we go to the mailbox, the mail is still in there- with new mail on top of it. (There aren’t any blue boxes around us) We filed complaints a couple times and they say they’ll look into it and nothing happens. They also gave a number to call the Postmaster at our Post Office (which is about 15 minutes away) and the phone just rings and nobody answers. We mail anywhere from 1-3 first class packages a day and we got dinged on shipping times a couple times because of the USPS.

    We live in the Midwest in a mid-size city.

    Then they wonder why they’re losing so many customers.

  • pdxuser

    I’m not sure why everyone is seething with rage that a short tweet wasn’t a detailed explanation. Someone wanted to know how late something might arrive and an employee told them how late it might be. Some others made an understandable but erroneous conclusion from this, and you clarified it. Fair enough.

  • 10011010101

    im sure im not the only one that gets “out for delivery” on your tracking on a Saturday at 9am, only to receive the package on Tuesday the next week, you guys are pathetic.

  • Kasshthink

    How is it that i reside in New York and my package, which is only cables for my keyboard are in New Jersey but USPS has not shipped it to me? Every time i track my package, its sitting in the same warehouse. This is (DEFINITELY) not my first issue with usps. Had i known my package would be shipped by usps, BELIEVE ME, i would have not ordered it. If i place my order before 2:00pm, Fedx has it here the next day..(PEOPLE) Before you place online orders, please be sure to find out who’s shipping your merchandise. I cant stress that enough…….

  • intra

    usps employees are mostly lazy however during the holiday season we have to give them a break… having said that, thew other day it was on saturday morning i was expecting a package. not only did the mail-delivery-man didn’t ring the bell and,he said he left a notice on my door and that “delivery was attempted”…which is impossible because i was right there next to the door and have a camera outside my appartment… to make matters worse i asked for redelivery and got a confirmation for monday… waited all day monday and at the end of the day the status changed from “out for delivery” to “a carrier delay has occured”. after which i called again and rescheduled the delivery for tuesday… well need i tell you it is tuesday today and i’m expecting 5 packages that i really need. It is 8:45pm at the moment and still no mail-man at my door… what am i supposed to think… At this point i would be happy with just recieving my items (packages) at my local post office… (hope they don’t lose any of them)

  • Jimson

    USPS is lazy. Our mail person doesn’t deliver often until 8 pm. at night!

  • Jimson

    They are freaking lazy. We often don’t get our mail until late at night!

  • Garrett Johnson

    We have the WORST mail service. I know for a fact that our mailman literally didn’t even show up to our apartment complex for at least two days. Just flat out didn’t come to deliver ANY mail as many neighbors complained. Sometimes I wonder if we SHOULD privatize the post office. Maybe then there’d be some accountability regarding terrible service.

  • untainted truths

    If your mailman doesn’t come until 8pm that means that they are working overtime, that doesn’t sound lazy to me! I’m happy you got your mail even though it wasnt when u wanted it.

  • Dymond Faircloth

    My boyfriend works for USPS right now and he doesn’t get home till around 8 to 10 every night. They’re working them to death and nobodies defending them. Something needs to happen because it unacceptable.

  • bamminer

    Try routine here! And that’s years and years. If you have an important letter for the mail carrier to pick up and they don’t have any mail to deliver, then you are out of luck. Then, all of the deliveries after 7 PM! I might get one tonight(11 mins until then and actually expecting mail). Coincidence?! To be honest, they have delivered at 9 PM!

  • bamminer

    It’s dangerous for both worker and recipient! For worker, in the sense of being the best time for an ambush! For recipient, in the sense of how can you trust someone knocking at your door or blowing their horn at night! Esp. at Christmastime, when people are looking to steal! If a single gunman can rob a bank, then what can he do with a POSTMAN or people suspecting a mailman!

  • Scott Swanson

    Yeah…if they don’t steal your mail first. Allegedly