Neopost acquires shipping software provider SPSI

Paris, 23 May 2014

Neopost, the number two worldwide supplier of mail solutions and a major player in the fields of communications and shipping solutions, announced that it has finalised the acquisition of SPSI, a leading American provider of high-volume multi-carrier parcel shipping solutions.

SPSI ranks in the top 5 volume shipping software in the US. It sells, services and supports several supply chain and logistics systems including ProShip® TMS software. ProShip is the fastest performing software product on the market today, capable of shipping millions of packages per day. SPSI’s customers are large retailers, e-retailers, healthcare providers and 3PL’s. SPSI’s average customer volume is 50K packages per day, with several customers shipping more than 1 million a day.

SPSI enjoys strong relationships with the largest carriers, being certified by FedEx, UPS, DHL, USPS, among others. SPSI was recognised as “partner of the year” by FedEx in 2011, since then one of the four worldwide FedEx “elite diamond compatible solutions”. Additionally, ProShip is the fastest growing volume solution provider for UPS.

SPSI is based in Brookfield, WI, with offices in Chicago, IL, employing more than 50 people. SPSI posted revenues of 10 million of US dollars in 2013, growing at a double-digit rate versus 2012. SPSI has been renamed ProShip Inc. in the Neopost Group.

Denis Thiery, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Neopost, commented: “We are delighted to welcome the SPSI team to Neopost. The acquisition of SPSI is another step in the expansion of our portfolio of fast-growing activities in Communication & Shipping Solutions. SPSI provides recognised solutions that significantly extend our current shipping offerings. This acquisition is a unique opportunity for Neopost to enter the US high-volume shipping world – the world of large retail, fulfilment and distribution centres, healthcare and pharmaceutical companies. ProShip Inc. will be the cornerstone of our US shipping strategy and will be our platform to market all our shipping solutions notably mobility, tracking and tracing, RFID solutions and parcel lockers.

John Berg, Vice President of ProShip Inc., stated: “We are very pleased to join Neopost and eager to be part of Neopost’s growth strategy in the parcel industry in the US and abroad. We are looking forward to promoting other shipping solutions developed by Neopost while accessing Neopost’s extensive customer base to generate commercial synergies.”