US Virgin Islands Postal Worker Arrested And Charged With Embezzlement Of Postal Funds

A postal worker from St Thomas in the US Virgin Islands has been charged with stealing more than $29,000 in postal funds:

St. Thomas, USVI – Rosemarie Peltier, age 43, was arrested today and charged with misappropriation of postal funds, embezzlement of government property, and false entries and reports of monies and securities. Peltier appeared in District Court before District Court Judge Curtis V. Gomez and was released from custody after posting a $10,000 unsecured bond.

According to the Indictment filed in the District Court, Peltier, a nine year veteran with the United States Postal Service, failed to remit in excess of $29,000 given to her by customers for the purchase of money orders from the U.S. Postal Service.If convicted of the offenses charged in the indictment, Peltier faces a statutory maximum of not more than 10 years in prison for each offense.

The Virgin Islands Daily News reports that last month Peltier filed a request for four years of back pay from the USPS:

Peltier was charged with negligent homicide in May 2002, and the post office placed Peltier on leave without pay status in early June 2002.

Four years later, Peltier was acquitted of the charge after a trial and she sent a letter to the postmaster reporting the not guilty finding, the complaint said.

Since then, she has been trying to get reimbursed for the pay that she believes she deserves.


  • Retired Mailman

    Just trying to get reimbursed for the pay that she deserves. One way or another.