Video: Ohio Valley Residents Speak Out on Proposed Mail Delivery Change

WHEELING – If you like the convenience of stepping right out your front door to get your mail, it could come to an end in the future. The House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform proposed the plan, which means door-to-door mail carriers could be a thing of the past. The bill is waiting approval from Congress.

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On Wednesday, the Committee debated ways the United States Postal Service could save money. The proposed plan would call for either communal boxes or curbside boxes, similar to what can be found in apartment complexes. Members say it would make mail delivery quicker for carriers.

Ohio Valley residents expressed their concerns about the idea on Friday.

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  • MrPolarBear

    The Postal Service is becoming a business instead of a service organization. The USPS use to be like the Police and Fire Department. A service to the American public. However, it makes money. Any profit at the end of the year goes to Congress. Well, use to be at the end of the year. Since 2006, Congress has mandated the USPS to pay 5.5 billion a year for ten years to a account for future (people not even born yet) retirement and health benefits. The Postal Service has never made that sort of profit. So it has to borrow from a Government line of Credit to pay the Government the 5.5 Billion fund. Yep…the Postal Service is going bankrupt. It’s at the end of it’s borrowing limit. So anything that will save money, no matter if its poor customer service, is going to be done to try and save the Postal Service. However, it’s might be a loss cause. Congress wants to privatize the Postal Service so it will not have to pay back the 50 plus billion it mandated the Postal Service to pay. The new privatized service will raise rates to make profits and the American people will be the one that suffers. Just look at Canada. They privatized in 1981. Before then. they use to have the same rate of postage as the US Postal Service. Now they are at a dollar to mail a one ounce letter. The USPS does two ounces at 49 cents. Double the weight for half the price. To increase profits, Canada just passed a law to end door to door delivery within the next three years. Hence, the US government wants to set up the private sector, when it takes over, to be able to make huge profits. They of course have interests in companies that will make profits at the lack of service it will provide for the American Public. So get ready for higher rates, less service and no more mail boxes in front of homes. It’s coming . Although the Postal Service doesn’t receive money directly from the US population, not counting the forced borrowing by the Government to pay the Government, I believe if you own a home and pay property taxes, you should have a right to have door to door delivery. It’s American….or has Congress become so greedy that it has forgotten it is suppose to SERVE that public instead of destroying an American tradition. Through rain, snow, sleet and hail…but not through Congress.
    You’re on life support United States Postal Service, but the grave has already been dug.

  • rodger

    Canada post was not privatized in 1981 They did not pass a law to end door to door service Most of the rural mail is delivered to the the mail box in front of the property. Deepak Chopra CEO is the chop chop chop leader of the pak

  • texasmailman

    Its sad to see how the House, Congress and President are on a mission to dismantle the one true “working” office of the Government. It is their desire to please the private sector that will eventually end the USPS and its employees. Our leaders are supposed to protect American jobs, but not in this case. There is hardly an eye batted at costing nearly 500,000 jobs. The pre funding requirement congress placed on the USPS has financially destroyed the company but Congress refused to “own up” to this with the American public. Cluster boxes, along with ending Saturday delivery are the beginning of the end. You give a mouse a cookie, he will want a glass of milk. Give congress what they want, they’ll always want more. I mean really, it doesn’t effect them, does it?