Postal service tries to ditch door delivery, letter carriers fight back

Jamie Partridge, May 23, 2014

Despite telling local KATU news that it’s “just an idea.. we’re not really pushing for it…it’s just a discussion… they’re just talking about in Congress” (–260417771.html?tab=video&c=y), the Portland District of the US Postal Service is indeed soliciting property owners and managers to “convert” from at-the-door to at-the-corner “cluster box” mail delivery. And the local letter carriers union is fighting back.

According to Jim Falvey, president of the National Association of Letter Carriers, branch 82 (Portland-area), “the Portland District has instituted a program that involves the solicitation of property managers and/or owners whose location has multiple delivery points. One example was Royal Villa, a fifty-five and over retirement community located in King City near Tigard, with about 250 door-to-door deliveries. Postal management solicited the property managing firm and offered to install cluster boxes free of charge and maintain them at no cost. In return the postal service wanted to eliminate door-to-door delivery.” Postal management does not have to ask or even inform the residents that this “conversion” is going to occur, if they get the cooperation of the manager or owner of the property.

Read more: Community & Postal Workers United.

  • Tn Rural Carrier

    This is how Rural Mail Counts are so flawed. USPS management makes back door deals with mailers to manipulate counts to cheat carriers out of money they deserve for the job they do.