APWU: Committee Passes Controversial Issa Bill

From The American Postal Workers Union:

Web News Article #101-14

apwulogoMay 21, 2014 – The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee members passed the latest postal bill offered by Chairman Darrell Issa (R-CA), which would end “door delivery” for 15 million postal customers. The vote, which passed along party lines 18-13, occurred less than 48 hours after it was introduced.

“There is no justification for the dramatic cuts in service proposed in this legislation,” said APWU President Mark Dimondstein. “The solution to the manufactured USPS financial crisis is for Congress to eliminate the unreasonable financial mandate it imposed on the Postal Service in 2006 and which sent the agency into a tailspin.

“Privatizers in Congress are using the crisis they created to justify dismantling a national treasure,” Dimondstein said. “They must be stopped.”

The proposal to end door delivery is just the latest in a series of measures Rep. Issa has submitted that would severely curtail service. His other proposals have would eliminate Saturday delivery, shutter post offices, contract out retail services, and close mail processing plants, the union president noted. Consideration of a more sweeping Issa bill just two weeks ago was postponed after he failed to win support for it in the committee.

“Rep. Issa has not been able to garner support for his extreme and anti-worker postal bill, H.R. 2748 or other postal bills,” said APWU Legislative and Political Director John Marcotte. “Now, Issa is at it again!”

“Today’s bill represents a new strategy,” Dimondstein said. “Issa has now decided to eat the USPS one bite at a time.”

Postal unions are united in opposition to the bill. “We stand in solidarity against any efforts to privatize the Postal Service, diminish service to our customers, or weaken workers’ rights,” Dimondstein said.

  • Tn Rural Carrier

    Good news you Californians who keep blindly reelecting this madman, Darrell Issa, now, when you want your mail or order anything you can drive down the road to the end of your subdivision to pick it up. But not the large parcels you order, you’ll have to find your post office (it may be in the next town since they are wanting to close most of them up) to go to, stand in line, and pick them up there. Or you could go to Staples and get them, if they haven’t gone bankrupt by that time.

  • Letter Carrier

    Oh and don’t forget if your package came on a Friday and Monday is a holiday . you can find your way to that outpost of a post Office on Tuesday and stand in line with everyone else waiting. Oh, bu the way due to layoffs there is only two windows open to serve 30,000 people. Good luck. Vote him in again I am sure he will stand in line for you.

  • Show Me state clerk

    You would be lucky to find a post office with two windows open, anymore. Our postmaster monitors the window, and gets angry if more than one clerk is needed. He thinks customers cost the post office too much money….typical thought pattern of our crack management team.

  • Bill Garbe

    Right now it doesn’t matter what Issa and the Reps do since the Senate is controlled by the Dems. But since it’s a midterm election year and if the Senate goes Rep…..we are in trouble.