Rolando: Lawmakers should fix what they broke, not break what’s working

NALC-LOGOMay 21, 2014—Statement of Fredric V. Rolando, president of the National Association of Letter Carriers, following the Oversight and Government Reform Committee’s approval of H.R. 4670, the Secure Delivery for America Act of 2014:

This irresponsible bill, H.R. 4670, is bad for the American public, bad for businesses, bad for the economy and bad for the U.S. Postal Service. And it simply ignores reality. Postal finances are steadily improving as the economy recovers from the worst recession in 80 years and as increasing online shopping sends package revenue soaring. This year, the Postal Service has reported a $1 billion operating profit.

We are confident that the majority of lawmakers will understand that degrading a now-profitable postal network not only makes no sense, it would stop the postal turnaround by driving mail — and revenue — out of the system. It would inconvenience millions of Americans and small businesses. And it would weaken the personal contact between residents and letter carriers — a bond that not only has led the public to name letter carriers the most trusted federal employees year after year, but also has resulted in the saving of countless lives as letter carriers deliver the mail.

This legislation entirely misses the point — 100 percent of USPS “losses” stem directly from the congressional mandate that the Postal Service, alone among all public agencies and private companies, pre-fund future retiree health benefits for decades into the future.

Lawmakers should fix what they broke, not break what’s working. We will work with members on both sides of the aisle to craft a bill that would help maintain and strengthen the Postal Service, which is based in the Constitution and provides Americans with the world’s most affordable delivery network without a dime of taxpayer money.

  • jim

    the po is 24 billion in the hole !!! wonder where he bought his calculator

  • common sense

    You might want to check your math. The USPS can only borrow $15 billion , max. That’s the law. It HAS borrowed that much, but only to pay the 2006 PAEA pre-funding charges. It currently has $47 billion in past profits tied up in that same PAEA “trust fund”. And it has been making a profit lately, before those arbitrary Congressional mandates.

    Where’d you buy YOUR calculator?

  • matt

    So if you have 1 million dollars in your saving account that your not allowed to touch for 20 years but your checking account is 200,000 in the hole you are broke? You might want to learn accounting!

  • Mel

    You’re ignorant post speaks volumes jim

  • Broke

    It’s the law to pay it!!!

  • Rkies

    it’s also the law for the USPS to deliver mail 6 days a week.

  • Rkies

    Issa is an IDIOT!!! He is the richest man in congress and thinks Postal employees make too much money. Just like all of the other bills he wrote, this one won’t go far.