OIG: Massachusetts plant consolidation led to big increase in mail delays, loss of revenue

uspsoigThe US Postal Service Inspector General has released a report showing huge increases in delayed mail in Eastern Massachusetts following the consolidation of the North Reading plant into the Boston GMF. Delayed mail volume increased by 56% compared with the prior year, and the Boston facility delayed seven times as much mail as similar facilities during the same period.

The failures led to a deterioration in service levels and a loss of revenue:


The Boston P&DC did not always process mail on time. The Boston P&DC had about 28 million delayed mailpieces in FY 2014, Q1, representing a 56 percent increase in delayed mail compared to the same period last year. Similarly sized facilities averaged about 8 million delayed mailpieces during the same period.

The majority of delayed mail was due to implementation errors associated with the Middlesex Essex P&DC consolidation. These errors included failure to update the Boston P&DC operating plan, acquire additional handling equipment, properly schedule employees, enforce proper color coding of mail, and properly supervise mail flow. Consequently, service scores in Boston declined and the percentage of carriers reporting back after 5 p.m. increased by 25 percent during FY 2014, Q1. We estimate that $534,141 of Postal Service revenue is at risk as a result of these errors

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  • Mad Tony L.

    Don’t blame it on Uluski! He can’t win the Kentucky Derby on a Donkey!
    The Northeast is lucky to have him! What he inherited is a cess pool of undetected dopes on his team that have buried him knee deep in paperwork. His only blemish is he sheltered himself from the folks that would have run through walls for him and at the same time provide our employees with a pleasant working environment, rather than the crud they face every day! ” A happy employee is a productive employee! “

  • LloydStreetMarty

    making a letter processing plant and a flat processing plant never made sense to me. I believe it is part of a bigger plan to dismantle the postal service. I’m a mailhandler in North Reading P&DC and a better plan if they wanted to do this is to temporarily locate our clerks to Boston to get them up to speed.


    I’m sure there’s a way we can find to blame it on the labor aspect of the operation……………… EVERYONE knew this would happen…but they still implemented it

  • footsoldier

    I guess what you mean is ……….THEY CAN’T THINK OUT OF THE BOX or the postal bubble