Mailers back Issa bill

postcom3In a letter to the Chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, the President of the Association for Postal Commerce wrote:

“We have reviewed your proposed bill H.R. 4670 and have concluded that this measure deserves the mailing industry’s full support. It is crafted in a way that holds the promise to improve the cost-efficiency of the nation’s mail service, while continuing to ensure its universal reach with no change in frequency of mail delivery. The measure does not impose on the Postal Service burdensome costs either on itself or its customers. Nor is it encumbered with any other objectionable provisions concerning postal rates.

“Comprehensive postal reform has proven to be a tough row to hoe. Addressing reform in more palatable bits and bites might prove a more successful way to enact reform measures that are needed to ensure the preservation of a cost-efficient, universal mail service without the encumbrances so often associated with the many wants (unaffordable as they may be) that are often the focus of others.”

via Postcom.