TV station airs video of Clinton, Miss. USPS supervisor throwing parcels on to truck

CLINTON, Miss. – News Channel 12 received this video from a viewer. In the clip you can see a woman throwing packages on the back of a United States Postal Service truck.

An employee at the East Lawson Street post office in Clinton confirmed with us that the person in the video is a supervisor.

WJTV News Channel 12

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  • rula

    omg…..everyone loads like this…we have 8 min to load our trucks.

  • tee

    I don’t see anything wrong ijs

  • Aaron Whitcomb

    we don’t load like that!

  • Wendy Lozzi

    have you ever seen a processing facility? The machines toss packages much worse than that!!! There is nothing wrong with what she is doing!

  • Esther Cart

    Why is the supervisor loading the truck???

  • Retired Mailman

    I would spend 5 minutes casing up all my parcels instead of spending 10-15 minutes having to sort them out on the street.


    she’s probably been promoted now, to transportation specialist. Remember, bad management is still management, and ‘they’ retain full rights to manage as they see fit. This woman manged to get that truck loaded in half the time as a carrier. To Upper Management, that is all that matters, until someone from outside USPS catches it on video. I say outside of USPS, because employees are forbidden from capturing stills or videos of ‘operations’ under pain of discipline/removal.

  • maillady

    Parcels are thrown. That is why it is a customer’s responsibility to package them well. UPS and FedEx handle parcels the same way. The machines at the facilities handle them roughly too. The supervisor is obviously not loading for delivery though as they would be loaded in some kind of order. In most offices, a supervisor shouldn’t be loading at all.

  • Mad Tony

    Only a big deal for those who have never worked for any package delivery firm. As long as they were being shuttled to be off loaded at another site for delivery then this is a nonsense video! It amazes me at what folks think is irreverent behavior when handling a package! Simply a video of the real day to day Postal operations! Damn crybabies! Leave the supervisor alone, she obviously is doing her job to insure delivery!

  • bob

    You’re kidding me. If your parcel cant handle that kind of treatment, you haven’t packed it well. Every day, every parcel from every carrier, UPS, Fed Ex or Postal Service gets this kind or treatment. Please get a life. Getting outraged by this shows how little people live in the real world.

  • Carole

    Seriously? I have worked for the postal service for 10yrs and have never seen a package thrown in this way. We organize, place them, and are careful with customers’ packages.

  • Queen

    If there was a package addressed to YOU and you didn’t know what the contents were, would you handle it like that?

  • 38 year carrier

    Fact is the supervisor is doing carrier craft work which is prohibited by the National Agreement between the USPS and NALC (National Association of Letter Carriers) and taking away carrier work which a carrier should be doing because you don’t see the carriers doing supervisor work.

  • bigtime

    The way the lazy supervisor throwing the parcels in llv competly lazy. Now the truth is even why doing job right your package has a real good chance of being damaged.the llvtruck has no shelving in it unless you count the 2 over wheels that have 200 pound cement blocks on them. I stack the packages neatly and in delivery order also put in 4 trays of fss flats 6 trays of DPs letters 2 tubs of mixed letters and flats and a push cart.just leaving post office lot everything collapses on top of itself. At first delivery I open rear door and everything spills out onto street. The USPS doesn’t give you the right equipment to do the job efficient, safe,smart,and your carrier and mail is in danger. Then you have managers and supervisors like this . as the Greek say the fish rots from the head down.