NLRB says USPS has to provide APWU with details on UPS contracting deal

The Postal Service must share with one of the unions information about work it’s outsourced to private companies, the National Labor Relations Board ruled April 30.

The American Postal Workers Union is seeking details on a pilot program in the Midwest outsourcing to the United Parcel Service the processing of irregular packages. The USPS claimed that pilot programs are exempt from the union contract requiring disclosure.

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  • IllinoisPostmaster

    I wish they would share it with the rest of us also, I have been searching for a parcel for a few weeks now, because it seems that some of our parcels now go to UPS, and then they put their own tracking number on it, so our number becomes dead. To find out the new UPS tracking number, you have to go through Wash DC, and so far….nobody will answer the phone or emails, and everyday I get to explain to my customer that I still have no information for her. It is extremely frustrating.

  • Gregg Grubbs

    The USPS is in such a dire financial situation that they cannot afford to upgrade the parcel sorting systems they currently have.The vehicle fleet has just about had it and many offices have little or no maintenance being performed.This will continue as long as congress does nothing and Donahoe remains the PMG.

  • Midwest Guy

    Our tracking number is suppose to remain active. The two are linked. The scans made by UPS are supposed to flow through to the USPS PTS-2 site (look for scan events with a scanner ID containing “NMU”).

  • northlander

    Management supports poor customer service,PMG needs to find new job, Most likely with UPS.