NAPS statement on Issa proposal to end door to door delivery

Statement of NAPS President Louis M. Atkins On the Proposal of Rep. Darrell Issa to End Door Delivery of Mail

naps-logoThe managers, postmasters and supervisors who comprise the membership of the National Association of Postal Supervisors (NAPS) manage the vast majority of the 160 million daily deliveries to homes and businesses across the country, six days a week. They know the financial costs and physical challenges of bringing mail to the customer’s door; they also understand the benefits of door delivery and what it means to customers and their loyalty to the Postal Service.

That is why NAPS opposes the proposal of Rep. Darrell Issa to fundamentally change the way mail is delivered to many Americans. There is wide consensus that comprehensive postal reform requires, first and foremost, realigning the retiree health prefunding payments schedule, which has been a massive burden upon the finances of the Postal Service. Rep. Issa’s proposal does nothing to address that burden.

Moreover, Rep. Issa’s proposal heads in the wrong direction; it provides no funding for the Postal Service’s purchase and installation of hundreds of thousands of curbside and centralized delivery boxes, nor the funding to provide for right-of-way placement of those boxes. These up-front costs will only drag down the Postal Service’s finances further.

At the current time, all new residential development construction provides for the installation of centralized mail delivery, and there are voluntary provisions for the conversion of door and curb delivery to centralized delivery. This should remain the governing approach until Congress musters the will to undertake comprehensive postal reform.

  • Marcus1956

    Stupid is as Stupid does. Issa is not stupid, he knows exactly what he is doing to the USPS, however we are stupid if we let him.

  • Just concerned with safety

    What about the increase in dog bites with the Change of location of these boxes.

  • Mailgirl

    Seems to me that dog bites would decrease with the move to curbside boxes.

  • Gregg Grubbs

    This foolishness will be shot down,again and Issahole’s time is getting short.Come November,it’s back to car theft and arson for this clown!!

  • Meathead

    God bless Issa!

  • guest

    Mr Issa should lead by example and install the first cluster box in front of his own home.

  • TinkoDinko

    Or a Cluster box just outside of Congress will be a good idea also