USPS won’t talk about reports of card skimmers on self service kiosks

St. Petersburg, Florida – 10 News has been warning customers for years about skimming devices attached to bank ATMs and gas station pumps. But we are now learning about a potential issue with stamp kiosks located at postal offices across the country.

The issue was first reported by the website,, the very same online blog that broke the story about the Target security breach which affected countless customers.

Crooks are apparently connecting skimming devices to self-service stamp kiosks and stealing customer information.

Read more: Postal inspector investigates skimmers.

  • jones

    in westchester ny the postmaster are to check the kiosk everyday and sign it so it is happening

  • MrPolarBear

    I hate it when you give an answer to someone that makes sense but they still try to get information anyway. Reporter, don’t you understand when they say it’s an on going investigation and they can’t answer any questions? Tabloid reporting at its finest. Why not show everyone what a skimmer looks like??? Or, how about reporting that any machine that takes a credit card can have a skimmer installed on it…..including Red Box, ATMs, newer vending machines etc. If you can put your credit card into it, it can have a skimmer installed. Also, there are gadgets that can scan your card while it’s still in your purse and wallet without you even taking it out. Welcome to high tech stealing.