Update: Winter Haven woman receives WWII letter 69 years later

MUSKEGON, Mich. (WZZM) — A soldier’s letter that’s been bouncing around in the mail since World War II is about to make one final trip with the United State Postal Service.

The intended recipients, Mr. and Mrs. R.D. Sensabough are both deceased, but thanks to the internet and a Muskegon newspaper’s article, an online connection was made with a fourth grade teacher in Winter Haven, Florida.

Now the granddaughter of the Mr. and Mrs. R.D. Sensabough is about to receive the letter sent to her grandparents; a very unique letter that has traveled thousands of miles during the last 69 years.

Rowe says the letter will be sent Friday using the post office’s Priority Express Mail. It will be received by the postmaster in Winter Haven, Florida — who just by coincidence was the Postmaster in Muskegon before taking the Florida position.

via Winter Haven woman receives WWII letter 69 years later.

  • Tony Koziol

    As a (70-year old) stamp collector and USPS retiree, I hate how this mailpiece has been treated. Are there any backstamps on it to show where it may have journeyed? Automation — gotta love it – it’s kinda like desecrating a grave!

  • Carl Buick

    Yes Tony: It should have been placed in a sleeve and protected. Also, what’s with the 4 “A” stamps?

  • Gary Sharkey

    Retired Letter Carrier and Navy Vet here. I’m curious why the photo of Army Sgt. Cook is of a Sailor.