• MrPolarBear

    The packages on my route have increased tremendously. I find most of my wasted time is re-shifting parcels when I retrieve more trays of mail. It also increases my missed parcels that I have to double back for. It would help if we had racks in our trucks to help line up our parcels. We don’t have any in the Raleigh area. I mention it to management. Their reply is we are going to get new trucks. By that time, I’ll be years into retirement. Please. Help us do our jobs more efficiently. Get us some racks. Thank you.

  • rural route 4

    yes , we are a package business now…..what about addressing the mail delays??? First class that was coming in 1-2 days is now taking 4-5. As rural carriers we are getting the last run of ups parcels. Every other day we get pallets and ea rt ends up with 30-50 of lg boxes from kohls, etc. Its really hard to work around all these in mail truck.

  • rr4

    one more thing…it takes alot of time to deliver ea package to door. The lot size is huge on most of our homes and its quite a walk up to the door. The bigger the house, the more online shopping they do. 5 yrs ago, I had 425 boxes today, 776 and the same 20 miles….for a 46 J route.. I have to work every minute of evaluation and then even over…those days of driving like an idiot to get done are over, Sometimes I feel I am out of the mail truck more then in.

  • Pahu3

    Boy am I glad I was able to retire after 35 years.Things don’t look good.

  • Gregg Grubbs

    4-5 million revenue from Staples counters?? Where did he come up with those numbers??Does he make this sh** up as he goes?? All that means is 4-5 million that would have come from a regular Post Office if the window hours had not been reduced or the office closed.Typical Donahoe mentality.Let’s see how much money we can save by closing this and that and reducing hours here and their etc…Does he not realize that the people most affected from all this is the USPS employee.The next time you have a state of the business schpeel,come up with a way to put some of our own in these Staples stores.The ones who lost hours because of your idiotic idears!!