USPS throws a little tantrum, then files exigent revenue report

The US Postal Service today performed the bureaucratic equivalent of stamping its little feet and shaking its tiny fists- and then did as it was told, and reported to the PRC how much it made from the exigent rate increase:

The Postal Service continues to maintain that the filing of revenue collection reports with regard to the exigent price increase is unwarranted and premature, for the reasons set forth in its Motion for Stay. All interested parties would be better served by concentrating their efforts on growing the postal business instead of wasting valuable resources on regulatory reporting that may never be necessary, and that is certainly not necessary now.

Nevertheless, pursuant to Order No. 2075, issued on May 2, 2014, the Postal Service hereby submits its initial report on the amount of exigent surcharge revenue collected for the quarter ending March 31, 2014. As set forth in the Revenue Collection Report, filed with this pleading as ExigSrchgRevREPORT(2Q14).xls, the Postal Service collected $347.4 million in exigent surcharge revenue.

The USPS then basically told the PRC “you just wait till Dad comes home!”:

we… note that both the postal reform bill proposed by our Senate oversight committee and the President’s Budget Proposal seek to make the exigent price increase permanent. Similarly, the bill that is being considered for mark-up by our House oversight committee is likewise considering permanence for the exigent price increase.

USPS exigent rate increase revenue report (.pdf file)

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