USPS statement on sexual harassment

From USPS News Link:

USPS is committed to providing a workplace free of discrimination and harassment and fostering a climate in which all employees reach their highest potential.

The Postal Service will not condone harassment based on sexual orientation, gender identification or gender stereotypes. Managers and supervisors must take appropriate steps to maintain a workplace free of threats or harassment — actual or perceived.

Everyone, not only managers and supervisors, has a role to play in reaching this goal. Employees should:

  • Treat co-workers with respect and dignity.
  • Examine attitudes and actions toward those with different orientations or backgrounds.
  • Speak out when they witness harassment in the workplace.

USPS encourages employees to report variances from this policy to a manager at their earliest opportunity. Managers and supervisors are obligated to conduct prompt and thorough investigations of any allegation of harassment and to take corrective action when warranted.

For more information, managers and supervisors should refer to Publication 552, Managers’ Guide to Understanding Sexual Harassment.

  • libbilee

    what a crock of crap. The po has two really grave problems. There’s the constant harassment that goes on unchecked. Some supervisors will tell those being harassed that they brought it on themselves. Besides the harassment, the attention to duty is severely lacking because most of the management don’t expect people to work. A lack of work is more the norm for the USPS. The USPS is offended over all by claims of sexual harassment. Since management is mostly male, it appears they think if one man can be accused, so could they. At the same time they carefully guard management positions so that only women who don’t mind the sexual attention are put into positions. Post office managers are full of bull and that is all the way up to the top.

  • Jamillah Harris

    My name is jamillah Harris I began working at the new jersey NDC on August 16,2014 immediately I began being stalked by several members of Management including the then plant manager when they were issued new phones that had the capabilities to take pictures and video they began recording me the first week in October of 2014 I was alone and felt like I had no one to turn to because you had the plant manager, MDO ,SDO that were my abusers I finally became so alarmed by one of the SDO unusable behavior as I realized he was becoming obsessed with my rear I stated on October 23,2014 aloud in front of several Coworkers to his nephew you may have giving him the idea to record me and in less then 10 minutes he walked over to my work area and attempted to determine how upset I was with him an I never acknowledged him and by October 31,2014 he had put in his transfer and was out of the facility I thought that it was over however it only got worse there was a total of 6 SDO and MDO I finally notified my union on 11/24/14 and two of them stopped however that when the retaliation began and local 300 helped them by fraudulently obtaining my signature claiming I accepted the grievance settlement when I contacted the OIG for a second time and sent in my EEO they got me out there the next day ! I was sent a letter the next day by the plant manager that informed me not to return to the facility until she instructs me

  • Sfo Bkk

    Sam Montenegro is a shift supervisor at the USPS SFO. He manages the
    third shift. He has enough seniority to work other shifts, but he likes
    this shift because the women assigned to it are immigrants who
    desperately need their jobs. They make perfect prey for this sexual
    predator. The USPS is on notice about harassment by Sam Montenegro and
    has done nothing. What will it take?