USPS seeks contractor to run gym for executives

The USPS says it’s doing everything it can to cut expenses, but apparently that doesn’t include cutting back on some cherished executive perks, including the gym at USPS Headquarters. In a statement of work for prospective contractors posted at the Federal Business Opportunities web site, the USPS prefers the term “health promotion program”, but the services required sound like what you’d find at a pricey gym: aerobic exercise, weight training, Yoga, T’ai Chi, and, of course, “lifestyle counseling”.

The statement doesn’t mention how much the gym costs, but specifies that it must be open and fully staffed from 6AM to 8PM every weekday, and that managers of the facility have at least “a bachelor’s degree in a health/fitness-related field” and “certification from recognized industry organization”.

Here’s the statement of work:

Statement of Work 2 10.20.11

Fitness Center Management – Federal Business Opportunities: Opportunities.

  • wilbur517

    What a freakin’ SHAM.Do more take cuts let us bend you the F*CK over ‘coz we are “losing money” but WE need a fitness guru

  • Dan the mail mule

    You got to be kiddin me . Is this the Onion News? Incredible….

  • Hal

    Are they that obtuse and selfish? They get paid well, how about just joining a gym. Sell the gym, save money on contractor & keep a post office open.

  • old clerk

    if this is true someone needs to held acct.. fire them…immediately..

  • D Ash-Shakoor

    WTF I thought the USPS was broke That’s where are prefunded payment is going to. Those executives can afford to pay for a gym membership on their high paying salaries We are getting shafted again. So unfair Is this job on Ecareet or USJobs too. HR needs to be fired. What a waste Does Rep Issa know about this too?

  • Me

    FYI – The gym does bring in revenue and is not just limited to executives. Not sure that matters to most but just wanted to get the correct information out there.

  • daandyaa

    all i hear is how sorry the union workers are and that we are the cause of the problem. management keeps talking about 80 percent of the budget is pay and benefits. please would someone break down the 80 percent and show us all what craft makes and what management makes up the 80 percent. then break it down as to how many managers there are verses hourly employees. this gym thing is just the tip of the iceberg of the waste in postal management. all the meetings that lobster and steak are served. the meetings they hold with 100’s attending with $400 a night rooms. please somebody speak up about the fraud

  • brian

    “Me”- Do you have some more information on that? Are you saying the gym makes money? That seems far-fetched, but even if it did make money, that would raise the obvious question of why we only have one at Headquarters? Why not have them everywhere if they’re revenue generators?

  • Beain

    Yeah, Me. Show us the proof

  • Chris

    Uh, that gym has a membership fee and is NOT only for execs. Near as I can tell, anyone who works there can join.

  • Patsy

    Well well there it’s goes who is most important us clerks or executives I think we all know that answer

  • Me

    I didn’t say it made money because I am not privy to that information but I know it costs $20/month for each employee and that it has many participants. Also, I believe the RFP is probably only for 1 person to run the show because they use interns from American University to do the actual training, etc. Those are UNPAID interns mind you. So knowing what I know, I would guess that it is a break-even benefit that many are making a mountain out of a mole hill. If you don’t have the facts please don’t jump to conclusion. There are many in HQ that see stories on the news or have worked in the field that seen many, many hours wasted by the clerks, carriers, etc that add up to a lot of money yet it is unfathomable to any to actually say it out loud. We are all in this together and will come out of it together.

  • brian

    Me and Chris: if either of you actually have any facts, please feel free to share them. The story is completely factual, since it simply cites the statement of work the USPS posted. If it’s open to all employees, that’s great, but given the fact that it’s located at HQ, and since HQ is basically populated by executives and their staffs, I think it’s fair to say that it’s an executive perk. As I said before, if the operation makes a profit, or even just breaks even, why aren’t similar facilities provided for postal workers elsewhere? If you’re correct, then it’s obviously not a question of cost!

  • Oldschool

    I was just asked how long I have till retirement, because I was hurt on the job, and been on limited duty for a permanent injury, for 10 years and they need to cut hours. Send me to the street so the BIG SHOTS can have a gym and personal trainer! What a bunch of B.S.

  • Chris

    OK brian, it’s a fact that any USPS employee who works there can join, and it’s a fact that it’s $20/mo. BTW, what’s your definition of an ‘executive?’ If it’s an EAS employee, than every line super is an exec. If it’s a PCES employee, note there are far more non-execs at HQ than execs.

  • Me

    Oldschool – I hope that negative attitude serves you well. I really hope you are just making crazy accusations to fill your need for attention.

  • Gregg

    These clowns at HQ don’t need a gym with expensive machines.They don’t need exercise classes.They don’t need lifestyle counseling.And they certainly don’t need to be paid a huge wage,considering the USPS is losing BILLIONS of dollars!! They should be put to work!! Carry the mail!! Look at all the exercise you’ll get!!Load and unload trucks.More exercise!!This is exactly why the USPS is set up for failure.Let’s reward people who don’t even touch the mail.You know what,F**k them!! How ludicrous is this anyway??

  • franklin

    This is just another slap in the face to the people who actually move the mail. Of course, many of the top “executives” at HQ probably won’t have the time to use the facility because of all of their other outside activities. When they actually do show up for “work”, you can bet they don’t have to pay any monthly fee like the peons (Me troll, that includes you).

  • Poor Richard

    Dear Me,
    $20 freakin bucks? And it turns a profit? What in heaven’s name are you smoking? What’s the price of electricity, heat and maintainance in DC? Thirty cents a DAY? I’ll give PECS a workout! Heck, I’ll let them have the exercise for $20 a YEAR!

  • brian

    Chris- as I said in my earlier reply, it’s great if everyone who works there can join, but Headquarters is basically executives and their staffs. (And no, I don’t consider EAS employees executives- why would you suggest that?) Headquarters is not a mail processing plant- it’s a facility that houses Officers, PCES execs and their staffs and support people- period. If you’re an EAS employee assigned to Headquarters, and you’re eligible to join the gym, it’s not because you’re EAS- it’s because you’re on the staff of an executive. Otherwise you wouldn’t be working there! And based on the prices I’ve seen for fitness clubs, $20 a month is pretty cheap, particularly since many clubs seem to require contracts and registration fees as well. And I’ll repeat once again- if it doesn’t cost the USPS anything, why is it only provided at Headquarters?

  • paul

    It amazes me that there are individuals who will write or say anything like Chris and ME in order to discredit the work force at the USPS but justify the executives, managers and supervisors positions. You must be out of your F#@%^*$ MINDS!!! The money that has been taken by PCES and EAS positions over the years is either corrupt or illegal only an outside investigation can prove it. Just remember we all suffer for the misdeeds of the few. The old adage is hogs get feed, pigs get processed.

  • BIG

    The person who gets the job better know how to use an AED. Too many of these guys sit on their ass all day and probably keel over in a minute or two. By the way, can we get a gym at my office?

  • mailhandler

    I guess I should apply, Im gonna need a job soon. Maybe they should workout by moving some mail. We have to be the worst run business on the planet.

  • marianne perham

    What a shame, they do not need a gym.

    They need to learn how to speak with thier workers.

  • mike

    well, they are pretty damn fat

  • Uniongirl

    This sh# t makes me sick…”illness…my condition…eight hours!!!!!!”

  • City Carrier

    Oh come on people, did you think the BS stopped with the beef wellington, and fine wine for the PCES manager meetings? When is OIG going to take a long hard look at HQ?

  • connietal

    Watch out – they may start charging postal WORKERS
    for all of the excercise they get while delivering the mail or working in automation.

  • Chris

    So, Paul, now I’m ‘discrediting the workforce?’ Anyone who can construe my comments thus far as such is really off the deep end. I merely provided some facts. I was part of that workforce, having carried mail for a decade or so. If it’s discrediting you want, here goes: You all remind me of my first day on the job. I had been making less than $5/hr. and OVERNIGHT became a PTF at $10+, including full benefits. All with nothing more than a HS education. I walked in the back door of the office and ran into a dozen crybabies at the time clock, whining about their lot in life, woe is us, the PO is such a terrible place. You all have it sooooo bad. Pick up a newspaper and figure it out, whiners. Also, perhaps one of you can name a company, any company, with 400,000 employees and no executives.

  • bob komar


  • cb196

    You think this is bad, what about the gun range for the Postal Inspectors. I heard it is the best in the world. Very high tech. Do they still have the country club for supervisors? The place where they go for training. Heard they have a bowling alley and movie theater on the property.

  • cb196

    Chris, I don’t know where you are from, but I can remember a Post Master telling a Supervisor if you don’t make there day miserable you are not doing your job. When postal workers went postal I new why. Working there today it’s like being on vacation. A whole different place. The younger people think they have it hard. They have no clue.Do you remember putting flats in order. Laying them out on your case and puting them in order. You had your hamper next to your case filled with flats and trays of letters stack on top of each other to case. All we get today is circulars.

  • crazy

    excellent posts cb 196 The USPS has been made the scapegoat by the government. It is really sad that these so-called representatives and senators in congress have to use their own cash cow ( the USPS) to toss into the fire when the heat is building. Really sad. How can our elected officials sleep at night? They definitely do not have a conscience.

  • crazy

    I never really had interest in going to postal in the past. Why I still go to it now I don’t know. I have never seen a situation like what the USPS is going through now. I cannot remember Congress ever spinning things on a particular situation to their benefit more than this whole USPS situation. Our elected officials in Washington are almost all crooks. Thanks to the few who really have interest in saving the USPS the right way. HR 1351 is the start. If this bill doesn’t pass, I better start getting my resume together to search for a job in a market that already has a 10% unemployment rate! Will the middle class survive? The Republicans and the tea party sure don’t want it to.

  • It’s Good to be me”

    I am not the “Me” mentioned above, but an MDO who retired the first of this year. I was in the support unit prior to being an MDO. As I recall when an RFP is put out, you get contactors to competetively bid the job. The low bidder normally gets the job. As “Me” mentioned above there is a cost of $20/month per person. I am confused as to how the USPS can put out a RFP without knowing how many employees will participate. As someone pointed out above, the utilities cost even if the equipment is already owned. Therefore, that is a reocuring cost that comes from somewhere ( USPS?????). Let’s assume a contractor bids the job and yet the enrollment is lack luster. Who is accountable for the binding contractor costs? (USPS??????). Given the current state of the union, it would be wise to NOT put the company’s name in the news with all the losses noted. I’ve been to L Enfant Plaza to see most of the employees reporting at 8:00am and then at 5:00pm don’t stand in the underground pathway to the Metro. Can you say ‘Stampede? While people in the field at the District levels are working 12 hrs/day in exempt management positions, our good people in HQ are working only 8hrs with time at the end of the day to go to the gym. Before I retired from Management, I was working 12-13hrs/day pushing APCs and OTRs around the floor. To tired to go to the gym after that. I retired with great “Resentment” to the USPS for impacting my healthy lifestyle. The message of today’s PO is how to perform mental assaults on everyone by threatening them with LOW, getting walked out, challengeing your doctor’s recommendation that you remain off work after the FMLA is gone. Today’s Executive management (District level up) all support the Taliban as they too are terrorists of the worse kind. Simply give it time and ALL terrorists will loose their “Health Promotion Program”. In the end, you will find them hiding in a hole in the ground or hiding in a drain tunnel. Drag them out and put them on display for all to see.

  • firedonabloe

    All the execs can do squats and teabag each other!!! Postal workers are more than angry with the powers that be for not forcing the PMG to resign. All we see and hear from congress is how good of a job he is doing. Ask a postal worker that isn’t in the management craft what we think he is doing to our postal service. If congress thinks he is doing a good job then why are we in financial trouble. Bring back reference volume (8 hours of volume for 8 hours of pay.) and the micro-managers won’t be needed. Subtract the $65,000 average salaries for the 110,000 managers and save 7 billion 150 million dollars a year. It’s about time for an audit from an outside source. Ross Perot was sub contracted to do an efficiency study in 1986. Management buried the 6 million dollar study because it suggested the postal service cut the fat from the top down. In 86 the stamp was 22 cents with a 1 to 55 management to craft ratio. Today at 44 cents we have 4 craft employees to every management position. Either the press or a government accountability agency not involved with USPS needs to audit these facts. Donnahoe MUST be audited. He must be held accountable for his mis-information and manipulation of the facts. Last I heard it was a federal offence to lie to congress.

  • Lionsdan

    The Western Area office in Denver has one also for their EAS and PCES. So what? They are working 10-12 hours a day and deserve it. Carriers and clerks are upset. So what I’ve spent years in the crafts and as EAS and from my experience, generally speaking, the EAS are more hard working and dedicated than the craft. That’s because 1. If you’re not working hard as EAS you will be demoted 2. If you’re not working hard as a craft employee the union will to protect you. It’s as simple as that. Grow up and be real. Sure there are exceptions but the system is what it is.

  • Jake

    Lionsdam, yup, working real hard, our supervisor has on special duty for 2 weeks following carriers around from other cities trying to find them screwing the post office, serious infractions like not wearing a satchel, stuff like that that could really sink the post office (sarcasm) A Carrier 204B taking his place approached me at 8:30AM and said he was done with everything for the day, and had no idea what to do the rest of the day…….and the carriers get questioned for being 1 minute over dois on a daily basis. The system is broken, you are working hard trying to make the numbers so big shots get bonuses or promoted on the backs of the craft.

  • Steve

    It’s Good to be me and firedonabloe you guys are spot on. Noting else needs to be said. Investage and then hang em.

  • Oldschool

    Hey Me, you sound like a boot lickin’ management type. You’re a jerk!

  • The Termenator

    Just wanted to comment on Its good to be me. Hope you get your health back and truly enjoy retirement. It’s really great to hear tales from someone that sees it the way most of the craft sees it. Out of many, and I mean many bosses and postmasters I have seeen come and go, it is a VERY rare occasion to have one such as you probably were. Most of the craft people I see do grumble and complain but always do thier job. Most of the managers are in management because they couldn’t handle it doing craft work. Our last Postmaster told us DOIS is her “bible.” She is now an MPOO in another district. I think I might work in the same office as cb196. I remember our Postmaster whose name started with a G telling his supervisors the exact same thing. I guess thats how they train the Postmasters. Well, it don’t work with me, they will never make me that miserable. I am certainly looking forward to the last time I swipe that card through the time clock though.

  • gambler

    Are you people serious? I am an EAS at HQ and the gym is OK, but its not a luxery spa. The members pay $20/month and anyone at HQ can join. That’s works out to $120,000/year if there are 500 members (and there are probably more).
    We have bigger issues to worry about than this. It seems the objective of this website is to divide craft/EAS. We all have a job to do to be successful.

  • brian

    gambler- care to back up your statement? What have we done to “divide craft/EAS”? You sound like one of those right wing politicians who screams “class warfare” when people question executive perks and bonuses in the private sector. You’re absolutely correct that “We have bigger issues to worry about than this”- that’s why there’s one story about your gym, and thousands about everything else that’s gone on at the USPS. But when front line employees (EAS, Postmasters, AND craft) are being asked to sacrifice, it’s a legitimate question why HQ executives and their staffs need a gym. And as I’ve said before, if providing a gym at HQ is no big deal, why aren’t gyms provided at the rest of our facilities?

  • gambler

    As i said, I am EAS not an Executive. That would mean the sacrifices you mention apply to me also. HQ just eliminated almost 25% of the positions and it looks like there will be no NPA this year. When you consider commuting and cost of living in the DC area (with no locality pay), working at HQ is not so glamorous. It is irritating to read some of the comments about bonuses and luxeries that simply don’t exist for 99% of HQ employees. I would agree that there is still fat to be cut but arguing about a gym that pays for itself is rediculous.

  • brian

    gambler- As I said to another commenter, you don’t have access to a gym because you’re EAS- you have it because you work for an executive. And I don’t think I ever suggested that working at HQ was glamorous- if you choose to work in DC, that’s your choice- it has nothing to do with the subject we’re discussing here. Plenty of other postal workers live in expensive areas and have tough commutes, and don’t have a gym provided. And for about the fifth or sixth time, if the gym “pays for itself”, why is Headquarters the only postal facility that has one? I was EAS for most of my career, so I don’t have any axe to grind against EAS employees, but your suggestion that HQ employees have it so hard doesn’t pass muster- I seriously doubt that any of the 25% who lost positions actually lost there jobs- and ALL EAS are in the same boat with NPA- that’s not an HQ issue. It’s not even an EAS issue- lots of craft employees have gone without COLA for quite a while. Sorry, but I think you’ll be hard pressed to find someone to shed a tear for our long-suffering Headquarters staff!

  • smalltownpo

    As I read these post, I chuckle. I am an OIC in a small town. I am paid 11.10 an hour to do the same job as every other Postmaster in the Country but without any benifits or retirement. The post office has become a very bad place to work. MPOO’s are running scared for thier jobs. as theyl should be. 99% scan rates is not good enough for them. Revenue up in my Office, beat plan for last year and exspense are down 40% “because I’m so cheap to hire”. Still not good enough! I read the latest release about how the management down size went. Remember the 17% of managment that was going to be removed, chopped, excessed? Well. 38 people lost thier jobs, 1800 people got $20.000 to retire . So out of the 7.500 people in Management that were to be cut, 5,662 retained thier jobs or moved up the food chain. There was a person in my area that all we could figure out her job was to daily write proverbs on how to deal with stress and life events. She moved up to district manager of HR. You have to be kidding!! With every PO around me on the closing list, we have become an island here. The answer is not to close Offices, the answer is to give the customers a reason to shop here. I am currently in dialogue with Fedex for a supervisors position, I see no future for/with USPS until management issues are addressed. Goodluck to all!

  • jjjvvv

    Article doesn’t say if users have to join and pay a fee