Congressman Ross’s Imaginary Friend?

Before you ask, yes, it’s a slow news day in the postal world. So what better way to pass the time than checking Twitter for interesting and amusing tidbits. One that caught my eye was the ongoing conversation between Congressman Dennis Ross and an individual who claims to be a postal employee named Rene Gray, or @ClerkRene. Based on other exchanges Dennis has had with postal workers, you might expect the discussion to be a bit testy, but you’d be wrong. Rene seems to be a big fan of the Congressman. How big? Well, since Rene joined Twitter last month he’s sent 34 tweets- and every single one of them is addressed to @RepDennisRoss.

And the Congressman replies:

ClerkReneRene Gray
RepDennisRossDennis Ross
in reply to @RepDennisRossโ†‘

@RepDennisRoss and thanks for wanting to save what we’ve worked for. I do not want to end up like an Enron employee w/ nothing
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I love the concept of “postal peeps”! I imagine little yellow marshmallow chicks wearing tiny letter carrier uniforms! And it’s good that Rene manages to put a positive spin on eventually losing his job thanks to Dennis and Darrell- at least he’ll be left with nothing as a postal employee, not as an Enron employee. But Rene does have a strategy for that rapturous moment when he loses his job in order to “save” the USPS:

ClerkReneRene Gray
RepDennisRossDennis Ross
in reply to @RepDennisRossโ†‘

@RepDennisRoss k thanks. Altho orig against, I c I can make it w/pension & p/t job @ Petco (where the pets go) so now I want out ๐Ÿ™‚
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Nothing like a cheery “k thanks” before you catch the bus down to your minimum wage job at “Petco (where the pets go)”!

My first theory about @ClerkRene was that the account was a clumsy attempt by someone on Ross’s staff to make Dennis seem more friendly to the people he’s trying so hard to put out of work. But the “Petco” tweet is so over the top- you don’t suppose someone’s trying to make a fool of the Congressman, do you?

  • City Carrier

    “Make a fool fo the congressman”, no I think he does a good enough job of that himself!

  • dMarie

    Yeah, I searched for a postal employee named Rene Gray on the USPS salary search website, no such person is receiving a paycheck from USPS.

  • r l g

    it is difficult for me to believe that there exists someone who is as asinine as Ross— i wonder if Rene brown noses Issa too

  • vitameatavegamin

    Ross or Issa would be arrogant or dumb enough to pull crap like this……..or some of their staffers would.

  • Martha Focker

    I said self, you are such a nice guy! How can I say anything bad about you? The “Circle of Trust” at work.

  • whatthef@#k

    A search of the postal employees data base show NO ONE with that name working for the P.O.