APWU/USPS: Questions and Answers on the Contract

The APWU and the USPS have agreed to a set of Questions and Answers regarding the 2010-2015 Collective Bargaining Agreement, Director of Industrial Relations Mike Morris has announced. The Questions and Answers, dated Oct. 20, 2011, cover an array of topics, including Postal Support Employees (PSEs), supervisors performing bargaining unit work in small offices, Non-Traditional Full-Time (NTFT) assignments, excessing, lead clerks, acting supervisors, and the grievance procedure.

APWU/USPS Contract Q&A

via Questions and Answers on the Contract.

  • Tom Donovan

    They are already excessing PTF’s in Vermont and replacing them with PSE’s. Where is the union????

  • BJM

    The Union is in bed with Mangement??

  • crazy

    I would guess that the APWU is trying to save jobs, any kind of jobs for your craft. They are coming after the city letter carriers next, using TE’s instead of filling vacancies with career workers where ever they can. However, I don’t know how your union agreed on the NTFT position. It has been nothing but confusion from what I have heard. What needs to happen is to eliminate the many, many layers of management. There has been so many new ideas come down the last year that don’t make sense, only that someone in management is trying to save his/her job. It is getting scary for all the crafts in the USPS. It seems like it is the front line workers that almost always suffer and become scapegoats!

  • te

    They better not, i am a te and I don’t pay union dues for nothing. They better fight to make te’s into a more structured position. We’re tired of working 6 days of week with no benefits or vacation. its all in nalc’s hands now. Let’s see what their made off.

  • Joy

    I was a PTR that worked over 30 hour, in August I was cut to 30 hours, other PTRs who worked less than 30 hrs were increased to 30. The contract said 30 – 40 hours were going to be FTRs – I was also abolished, bids have not been posted for us to bid. Does anyone know what is going on?

  • Wilber

    heres some free advice–
    Anyone who is a PTF, let the NALC cover yours dues until you make regular, maybe if anyone who is in this position(ptf) let people know your idea (not paying dues)things will change pretty quick . Just an idea– that needs to be started and spoken about

  • Lynn

    Wilber, I agree with you on the PTF not paying dues until they’re a more structured employee. That places a burden on the union to act on their behalf. Right now this group needs that leverage, but they need to team up.

  • Tom

    Joy, as I understand your situation. You are officially a FTR with a non traditional assignment. This is in a national dispute and will be arbitrated Dec. 13 and 14th. His arbitration should be easy to settle and you should receive back pay for hours less than the 40 hour guarantee . The same happen to me. I was a PTF working 56 then put into a NTFT assignment with a 33 hour guarantee. It will be resolved soon.