Kucinich issues statement of support for USPS workers

Office of Rep. Dennis J. Kucinich (D-OH) News Release

Washington, Oct 17 – Cleveland, Ohio (October 17, 2011) – Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) today released the following video and statement in support of the workers at the United States Postal Service:

"Reform of the Postal Service is vital to protecting universal service mandate. I agree Congress has a responsibility to work with USPS on this reform. But forcing workers and Postal Service union employees to break their labor agreements and to cut 6-day service is wrong.

"When you look at what is happening the Cleveland area, it is really concerning. First we saw the neighborhood post boxes disappear, and that was a staple for many communities. Instead of driving to the Post Office, anyone could just walk to the box and drop in the mail. Then we saw entire branches disappear and that presented some real hardship for people. And then you start to see private, competitive mail facilities being put right on the same properties as the Postal Service.

"It seems as though there has been a concerted effort inside the Postal Service towards a privatization model. I will fight that effort and any effort to weaken the Postal Service.

"There is something else going on that I find deeply disturbing and that is to make the employees second class citizens. The big battle happening all across the country and in Ohio is over what kind of rights workers have if they happen to work for the public. The issue in Ohio is over Senate Bill 5 and Issue 2, which I am urging be defeated.

"Why are we doing this to the people who serve the public? Why are we making those who work for the postal service second class citizens? We are moving towards a privatized model and we are treating the workers already like they have already been privatized."I am committed to ensuring the viability of the USPS and to the unique, irreplaceable services it provides to Americans. The Postal Service employs the greatest number of veterans outside of the Department of Defense. It provides a living wage and decent benefits for the middle-class. For communities that do not have access to the internet or to public transportation, fighting the closing of a local post office branch often means fighting for their right to interact with the outside world. That is why I am committed to ensuring that our local post offices will still be there when the economy recovers. There are ways to generate revenue without cutting jobs, privatizing essential services and closing vital post office branches in communities that rely on them."

  • rep

    It would be nice if more Congressman would come out for the Post office. 218 members have signed on for H.R. 1351 but for some reason Two congressmen won’t let it be voted on.Isn’t it great living in a Democracy?

  • Yuri

    Those two dysfunctional madmen who are blocking the bill arepromoting seething hatred , anger, resentment, and demoralization all across the board. The Dems in the Senate can’t wait to shoot it down.

  • Richard

    Representative Kucinich has always been on the side of working people and we owe a great amount of gratitude to him for that. I think it is time that the citizens of this country stand up and challenge some of these Representatives. How can one individual in the House control everything with only support of one other representative. This is crazy. The President does’t even have that kind of power. Think about it, there are more than enough co-sponsers for H.R.1351, lots of support we all can agree. Then there are the citizens of this country that have also supported our efforts in seeing that this bill is at least voted on. This man is going against the will of the majority. How on God’s green earth can he do that and get away with it? Don’t know where he came from but for most of us we were taught that the majority rules. Yes, I understand that the House republicans have the majority. But enough of them have co-sponsered this bill to make it pass as a majority so what the hell is the problem. Mr Issa doesn’t want anyone playing with his ball at the playground unless he says you can. If he gets mad he takes his ball and goes home. He is a selfish, ruthless man that will one day get his. Can you say KARMA.

  • crazy

    Great post rep. Elections are coming up. Are the rest of the members scared of Issa and Ross or are they worried about losing their elected positions? Fighting against Issa and Ross would help at election time!

  • wrongway59105

    WOW! I wish he would represent Montana!! Rehberg is a flake!!!!

  • cb196

    Think about it Issa and Ross will probably get elected again because they are making the most noise. Most people will elect the name that sticks in there mind the most. They no nothing about the person running. The unions need to get together and send out a circ to every mail box in this country telling what they are trying to do to the USPS. The unions send out a circ for the food drive. At this time, this is more important then the food drive.

  • Gregg

    Great job,Dennis!! We need more reps.like you to speak up.This Dennis is not a menace!!

  • John

    I only wish more members of the House had the guts to stand up for their constituents and speak the truth like Rep. Kucinich, rather than pandering to a handful of right-wing privatizers like Issa and Ross. The level of disinformation and outright fabrication put out by the Issa/Ross crowd is a good measure of the validity of their position. Their only goal is to monetize a vulnerable public good–the postal infrastructure–and line the pockets of their puppetmasters. Let’s hope Kucinich and folks like him can head off this blatant attempt to destroy an important American institution and greatly reduce communications options for the general public.

  • Frank Perry

    I am tired of hearing how well UPS and FedEx do in making deliveries. They only deliver packages. If they want to raise their rates, they do it at will. When the USPS needed to raise their rates, they had to submit their request to the Postal Rate Commission. The commission usuall took about a year to approve any request and it was also for less than the amount requested. Now the USPSis told that they must pay the medical and retirement fund ahead of time.

  • Karen

    Thank you, Rep. Kucinich, for seeing the big picture and speaking the truth. We the carriers have voiced the same concerns you have about the diminishing service to the public and the inside march to privitization. I hope others in office have the courage to speak out as you have and defend the USPS workers and all middle class workers – enough is enough!!!