• Marcus Carter

    Great Video!

    Every American should watch this video. This is America’s Postal Service and it is being taken away. The end result will be much higher cost and the end to your Post Office. Get ready for an increase in UPS, Fed Ex, and Mail Box ect. franchise stores taking over and paying their prices to mail and ship. The service at these franchise store will equal what you get at fast food places. Stand with us and Save this Postal Service that works for the American People.

  • Your worst nightmare

    Assa should really start to mind his P’s & Q’s


    Impeach Darrell The Car Thief Issa and his sissy sidekick Ross…they are Traitors and are anti-American…and imprison anyone siding with them…

  • gandhi

    where is potter,young and burrus? how much did they sell us out?keep writing you congressmen or vote them out

  • bob komar

    issa does not despise postal workers only, he HAS A HATE FOR ANYONE THAT MAKES A LIVING WAGE… EITHER THE VOTERS GET HIM OUT IN CA or maybe he will be the START OF A NEW REVOLUTION! MAYBE not today ..BUT DEFINETLY TOMMORROW!