• elly

    Ed ROCKS! Finally, someone with a brain telling it like it really is for the Postal Service instead of the crap PMG Donahoe and Darrell Issa are flinging around!

  • GoEd

    Yeah, baby! Ed for PMG

  • John

    Direct and to the point! Every person in America should see this!

  • Debra Gifford

    Everyone should pay attention, we have been watching and hearing for years. Ed is worth listening to!

  • Gwen


  • Nutzy

    He tells the truth and nothing but the truth!!!

  • Amy

    Finally!! You rock Ed!


    How about Ed for President;I’ll give him my vote!BTW: Impeach the two sissy traitors Ross and Issa!Fire that joke of a PMG Donoho The Dope…..spineless moron!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • marisol diaz

    Finally !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Someone who knows what they are talking about. Congress needs to take a lesson from Ed!

  • Issasucks

    They need to get rid of them all!!! These plant closings are running us into the ground instead of helping us!! It is causing OT/Penalty Time that if we keep paying that, we are digging ourselves a bigger hole we will be fighting for years to get out of!! The plans were never thought thru before putting them into action!! The media needs to really start looking into it all and the “people” need to start complaining to their Congressman..that it has to stop and stop now!!