• the darp

    Issa, the” squeaky clean ethical ” Congressman, champion of the elitist crowd, enemy of the working stiff, should become the lightening rod of political revolution when he runs for re-election. Nobody typifies more the current political arrogant elitist climate than this disgrace of a Congressman. Remember and vote often. Open your eyes and wallets to catapult him out of office. This guy is a throwback to the medicine man side show.
    I would say his arguments are specious, but they don’t even rise to that level.

  • shemp howard

    My most sincere thanks to Ed, as a 35 year member of the NALC,it’s refreshing to hear someone finally speak the truth about the postal situation. This is not a bailout,the Postal Service has overfunded it’s retiree’s health care benefits by 50 billion dollars. this is an undisputable fact,along with the mistaken notion that the Postal Service recieves operating funds from the federal government. My salary is paid for by the sale of stamps and other postal products.

  • Scotty “Mudbug” Moir

    Our forefathers were aware of the importance to an universal, cheap, and dependable post office. The post office is an asset to it’s citizens, and one that has never cost the taxpaper one cent. No taxes have ever paid for anything in the post office, it runs on the cost of a stamp. Issa’s ‘dog and pony show’ should be headlined in the Enquirer because his rant concerning finances in the post office are incorrect and misleading. If Congress returned the overfunding of retirement benefits, only the overage, then the U.S. Postal Service would correctly project a plus in revenue in the last ten years. Yes, revenue. Not a deficit, as Congress has put the rest of the government controlled organizations into dire straits. If Congress would return the overage, not taxpayer money, not one cent, and keep their hands, and their opinions out of postal affairs, this country can maintain the greatest postal service in the world. If not, the postal service is doomed. Who benefits? Rich people that want a slice of the pie, parts of the postal service to be made private so that they can make more money for themselves, and charge the taxpayers whatever they please. This is ashame, and needs to be stopped for the many workers that will lose their jobs, as the postal service is also the largest employer of U.S. Veterans in our country. It will also hurt rural areas, small towns, small buisnesses, and every taxpayer. Where is a hero when we need one?

  • yankee01301

    They were quick to give AIG hundreds of billions of dollars
    that the tax payer will never see. This is a rounding error
    compared to that. Now they decide to choose the fiscally
    responsible path.