OIG: GAO is wrong on CSRS funding

The USPS Inspector General has responded to today’s GAO report denying that the USPS has overpaid its share of Civil Service pensions- some excerpts:

We disagree with the major conclusions of the report. Your review focuses on the 1974 law (P.L. 93-349), which is not in dispute. All parties agree that the 1974 law made the Postal Sen/ice responsible for funding the additional CSRS liabilities resulting from pay increases after 1971.

The issue in question surrounds the CSRS Funding Reform Act of 2003 (PL. 108-18) as it pertains to the Office of Personnel Management’s (OPM) share of CSRS liability. Your report fails to recognize how the 2003 law changed the 1974 law. We do not understand your assertion that the “consequence of the 2003 Act was to leave the 1974 allocation unchanged, notwithstanding the removal of the explicit allocation provision.” If. as you state, the allocation provision was removed, it does not seem reasonable to assume the intent of Congress was that the allocation remain unchanged.

In fact, the 2003 law changed the directive to OPM. As the legislative history shows, it was intended to “repeal” the 1974 law (Senate Report No. 108-35, page 6). OPM was required to adopt modern dynamic methods. Dynamic methods dictate that OPM take into account the effect of future salary increases on the total liability. Using these methods, OPM was to capture the size of the postal liability and the respective responsibilities of the Postal Service and OPM to satisfy the liability. Instead, OPM applied dynamic assumptions solely to the Postal Sen/ice’s share of the liability — not to its own share. It appears that OPM failed to follow the 2003 law and now must agree to do so or be compelled by law for a second time.

The current OPM methodology is neither fair nor modern nor does it comply with the 2003 law. We agree with you that action from Congress is necessary to settle this issue once and for all. We believe Congress did just that in 2003. If OPM cannot be convinced of the need to change its methodology, the only alternative is for Congress to compel OPM to act by adding even more explicit reform language to the legislation currently being prepared.

USPS OIG Response to GAO Report

  • Govt cover up

    All this smoke and hiding . I’m inclined to believe an earlier commenter who pointed out that 30 years of FERS ends in 2 years(Jan2014) and no one in govt wants retiring Postal FERS employees to receive the secret formula social security supplement !!! Let’s discuss that

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  • Steve

    Once and for all, just give us our pink slip, all of the 120,000 employees you want gone. Why you ask– easy I want to stand in line and collect my share of uncle sams money. Oh yeah once my unemployment benifits end, I head off to social security office to get my benifits. And while we all sit back and laugh at you morons who want to see the USPS go away, just remember the next time you want to send off something, oops those other companies can charge more. Oh yeah the free on-line bill pay, now it cost money, because you have no other way to pay that credit card. And at last my house is paid off. How you ask easy its called bankruptcy who is laughing now. Bring on my vacation, its sad no one looks at the big picture.

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