NALC responds to GAO report

The Daily Caller reports on today’s GAO report predictably (BAILOUT!), but it also provides a response from the National Association of Letter Carriers:

“The GAO is simply wrong in denying the overpayment, and in doing so it differs with the USPS, the Office of Inspector General (of the Postal Service,), the Postal Regulatory Commission, two independent actuaries, and legislators from both parties and both chambers of Congress who’ve addressed the issue in current legislation,” said the statement.

“It’s absurd to claim that the money owed the Postal Service would not solve its financial problems by asserting that they result from changes in consumer mail use and a business model weakness — given that over the past four fiscal years, despite the recession, mail delivery netted a $611 million operational profit. And saying that transferring the money would result in an increased liability is like a restaurant telling a consumer who was overcharged that refunding the overcharge would require taking the money from someone’s account. An overpayment needs to be refunded, period.

“Moreover, it’s ironic that the GAO is focused on soaking the USPS when the non-postal federal government, which includes the GAO has funded only 40 percent of its pensions, vs. 99 percent for the USPS.”

via USPS | GAO | Bailout | The Daily Caller.

  • Apwustan

    Let’s get this straight. Our money was set up and used a government slush fund. It was allocated for projects we didn’t know about and therefore couldn’t approve or reject, and it’s our fault that if this stolen money is returned to us, it would increase the national debt. That’s ri-goddamn-diculous! This would also increase an already uninformed yet negative image that the USPS now operates under. Thanks!

  • csratt1

    Apwu Reps, Be sure to tip the dealer at the craps table.

  • daandyaa

    would someone please get a break down of this 80 percent labor cost
    how much is paid to craft and how much is paid to management. if Issa has his way management will have to sort and deliver the mail because there isn’t going to be any craft left to do it with laying off or retiring 220,000 employees. example:out of the 3700 management jobs in the last rif only 37 management positions were eliminated. so that’s goes to show you that only craft employees will be leaving the service

  • cb196

    This money we have been putting in was money that was coming from the Federal Trust Fund to pay for retiring Vets benifits. The Bush Administration passed this bill for the USPS to pay 5.5 billion dollars a year to help pay the Vets benifits. Which since the USPS has been paying it, it has reduced the deficit each year by 5.5 billion dollars.The politicians are using the USPS as there deficit cut. Making them lok like they did something. Now that the USPS isn’t making as much money they are scrambling with lies.

  • reo

    The NALC is right. The GAO is only saying what they have been told (or paid off) to tell. Why do we need a GAO report when all the others tell the factual truth?

  • gandhi

    the truth will set you free brothers, issa will eventually come to naught he is trying to be another joe mcarthy, look what happened to him, the unions have been to nice to these guys and look what has happened our jobs are at stake and they have no qualms about getting rid of us get ready to rumble