Unions join VoteVets.org to oppose GOP attacks on USPS

The following is being run as a full page ad in Politico, The Hill and CQ Today, in an effort to remind members of Congress that many of the postal workers who would be fired under Darrell Issa’s “reform” legislation are (unlike the sponsors of the bill) veterans:

APWU Veteran October 2011

More from the APWU:

The APWU has united with a prominent veterans’ organization and other postal unions to urge members of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform to vote no on H.R. 2309 when the committee deliberates on Oct. 13. [Click here for live Webcast – committee deliberations begin at 10:30 a.m.]

The bill would force the Postal Service to lay off workers, including tens of thousands of veterans.

In a print ad appearing in publications [PDF] that are widely read by members of Congress, the APWU and VoteVets point out that “The USPS hires more veterans than any other civilian employer in the country.

“Some in Congress want to fire them,” the ad continues.

“Putting tens of thousands of America’s veterans out of work won’t fix the Postal Service,” the ad notes. “Congress talks a lot about patriotism, but there’s nothing patriotic about destroying the USPS, devastating mail service, and telling our veterans they’re not wanted.”

The Postal Service has announced it wants to reduce the workforce by 220,000, and is seeking authority to lay off as many as 120,000. H.R. 2309, which was introduced by Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R-CA) and co-sponsored by Rep. Dennis Ross (R-FL), would grant authority to a newly-established control board to carry out layoffs, despite any provisions in union contracts that limit such actions. The bill says that employees who are eligible for retirement must be laid off before employees who are ineligible, and dictates that retirement-eligible employees with the longest service must be separated first.

If 120,000 postal workers were laid off, approximately 26,000 veterans would be affected.

The Issa-Ross bill calls for $1 billion worth of cuts in post offices in the first year and $2 billion worth of cuts in mail processing facilities in the second year. If facilities are shuttered, veterans would be among the employees laid off, even if they are covered by the Veterans Preference Act.

“H.R. 2309 would destroy the Postal Service as we know it,” said APWU President Cliff Guffey. “In the process, it would devastate many dedicated workers, including thousands of military veterans.

“This mean-spirited bill fails to address the fundamental cause of the Postal Service’s financial difficulties,” said Legislative and Political Director Myke Reid. ”It does nothing to correct the requirement to pre-fund the healthcare benefits of future retirees, which forces the USPS to fund a 75-year liability in just 10 years, he said. No other government agency or private business is required to make these payments, which cost the Postal Service approximately $5.5 billion annually. The bill also fails to address billions of dollars in USPS overpayments to federal pension accounts, Reid noted.

“We call upon APWU members to step up their opposition to H.R. 2309 and their support for H.R. 1351,” Reid said.

H.R. 1351 would help provide the Postal Service financial stability by allowing the Postal Service to apply the pension overpayments to the pre-funding obligation. The bill, introduced by Rep. Stephen Lynch (D-MA), has 225 co-sponsors — including 29 Republicans — but Rep. Issa has refused to allow it to come up for a vote.

Also sponsoring the ad, which will run on Oct. 12 and 13, are the National Association of Letter Carriers, the National Postal Mail Handlers Union, and the National Rural Letter Carriers Association.

  • craft director

    The time has come for the Postal Service to stop bailing out Congress with our 5 billion dollar prefunding. Stop the Ponzi scheme and allows us to prefund as other agencies do.

  • retired vet

    Lay off the 30 vice president, thousand of uneducated supervisors, eliminate 204b’s and fire 200,000 who DO NOT TOUCH MAIL OR ABUSE FMLA!!!

  • Gruntled

    Welcome to Titantic II only this time mgt. are the only ones getting on the life boats after all they’re the only ones who don’t touch the mail.

  • brian

    Retired vet: laying off the people who “DO NOT TOUCH MAIL” would certainly save a ton of money, since no one would get paid- but do you really think everyone who “DOES TOUCH MAIL” would keep working for free? Not to mention figuring out how to move letters across the country?

    (PS- if you’re going to accuse people of being uneducated, you might want to check your grammar: “Lay off the 30 vice president” “thousand of uneducated supervisors”, etc. And why do you want to lay off the people who do not abuse FMLA?)