PMG talks to NYC postal workers

Postmaster General Pat Donahoe spoke to employees at the Morgan Processing and Distribution Center in New York City last Monday- Mailhandlers Union Local 300 has posted a summary of the PMG’s remarks- among the highlights:

Under the USPS’s proposed service cutbacks, large mailers will still be able to get next day delivery by dropping their mail at 8AM, or noon if it’s presorted. Post offices would start receiving their mail at 4PM- sorting would happen overnight, carriers would pick up their mail in the morning and go directly to the street.

Donahoe doesn’t think Congress will allow USPS to leave CSRS, but says future retiree’s pensions should be capped, with no COLA. He doesn’t see any VERAs any time soon- but in a year or so, there’s possibility of $10-20K incentive, and/or 2 or 3 years service credits. He said that if the USPS is allowed to leave FEHBP, a USPS Health Plan would be operated by a contractor, not by the USPS itself.

Donahoe thinks the Carper bill is the best deal for USPS, and says he opposes privatization, and doesn’t think it will happen. He doesn’t think Congress would pass either the Issa or Lynch bills.

Donahoe expects flexibility similar to the APWU contract in the other unions’ contracts. He says negotiations with the Mailhandlers and Letter Carriers won’t be extended after November 20, but would go straight to arbitration if there’s no agreement.


Local 300 National Postal Mail Handlers Union.

  • vitameatavegamin

    His lips were moving…… he was lying or clueless.

  • Scout

    I hope they booed him.Good luck mail carriers with your contract.The clerks are getting screwed big time, I think you carriers will get screwed also.

  • frkp



    Postal employees are getting screwed so bad it isn’t even funny. You must stand up to your employer. They are bullying you, they are threatening you with your jobs each and every day and looking for reasons to fire you, especially if they don’t like you. The management hopes they can get into your head! They want you to snap so they can replace you with a new hire who has no choice but to kiss up. You cannot be forced to retire or quit! You have rights, you deserve to be treated with dignity and respect! Don’t let them treat you like a subhuman, fight back! Take the plunge and sue them!

  • Japw

    I like the part about; carriers will come in during the morning, pick up their mail and begin their routes IMMEDIATELY (emphasis added) great plan huh

  • bob komar

    donaho must resign now and take 90% of his MORON STAFF with him.. that includes DISTRICT and the dope pm’s and 90% of the IDIOT supervisors!they have brought this company to it’s knees…THEY are RAPING the po for ALL THE CASH THEY CAN!

  • JY

    I knew we were going to be screwed all along.

  • pelican

    hey donahoe your in over your head and you basicly suck as a boss, in the real world you could’nt run a mile Thanks for all the support

  • pelican

    you came down and spoke to employees, gee thanks I bet you made there day as far as early out good try , we’ll see but we are smarter than you think , remember you use to be one of us, pathetic you need to resign, you and issa are on the same page only he is not a puppet

  • J

    It’s nice to see that not even the PMG is willing to take a pay cut! ROFLLMAO!

  • retired vet

    READ #15!!!